It’s one week until the Dam Yeti 50 Miler – the longest race I’ve ever attempted. I get a lot of questions from people who find out about my ultrarunning: How long does that take… Do you run the whole time… Do you eat during the race… etc. But the main question I get: Why?

It’s a simple question, but I’ve got a number of answers. Why do I run?

  1. First and foremost, I run because the world is complicated and running is simple.
  2. I like to try new distances to test my limits. I want to better my endurance, humility, mental toughness, and patience.
  3. I run to get better at getting older.
  4. Running allows me to escape the crowds, the noise, and the stresses of everyday life.
  5. I run because it gives me a purpose and connects me with a community in which I thrive.
  6. I run to explore nature, new places, and the limits of both my body and my mind.

Now specifically: Why run 50 miles?

  1. To see how long I can hold the palm of my hand over the proverbial candle flame.
  2. To push my limits and hopefully, in doing so, experience more joy and success than ever before.
  3. To accomplish something that at times seems impossible.

The ultrarunning community is quirky. But it’s also wholesome and deeply meaningful. Fifty miles or bust…. Let’s do this!

2 thoughts on “Why”

  1. I am super pumped about this, Meagan! I’ve been toying with the idea of running one of these for years and your post has me SO tempted to sign up for THIS VERY race next summer! WAY TO ROCK THIS GOAL! I’m so happy for you!!!! I can’t wait to read the race recap!

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