Never Tell A Runner

Running can be a solitary activity. But when a runner decides to run a race, it often involves support from their friends and/or loved ones. We definitely couldn’t do it without that support, and it’s appreciated more than you know! That being said…. Sometimes, those that come out to cheer on a runner during a race mean well, but say the wrong thing. So here is a list of five things you should never tell your runner. A sort of “how to” in reverse.

  1. How do you feel? – They’re doing something hard, chances are they don’t feel good. Don’t give them the opportunity to dwell on it.
  2. You look awful/tired/exhausted/etc. – Yes, they probably do. But don’t tell them! Lie to them. Tell them how strong and great they look. They’ll know you’re lying. But trust me, it will still help.
  3. I feel tired/cold/hungry/etc. – Today is not about you. Take care of yourself. But don’t put it on your runner. It’s their day and the last thing they should be doing is worrying about you.
  4. Do you want to quit/drop out? – Don’t put the thought of quitting in their head. Your runner may arrive at this decision on their own. And trust me, it won’t be a snap decision. But it shouldn’t come from you.
  5. You’re almost there! – If they can’t see the finish line, they are not almost there.

And there you have it!

One last note – Once the race is over, celebrate your runner’s accomplishment with them! But don’t hold them accountable for anything that may have been said or done during the race. That wasn’t the same person as the rational, every day person you know. What happens during a race stays in the race.

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