Hooked on a Feeling

I’ll preface this post by stating that I am probably the world’s worst food photographer. And this post is all about food. Consider yourself warned.

About a year ago, I started making some changes in my diet. I subbed whole grains in place of refined grain products, stopped eating fast food almost entirely, and cut down on junk food. These changes have helped me drop about 30 pounds over the past year.

They also introduced me to some new foods: edamame (soy beans), tri-color quinoa, and Greek yogurt. Turns out, I love these foods! Specifically, in regard to the quinoa and edamame, I love them enough to have eaten them almost every day for breakfast and lunch, respectively, for the past year.

My go to breakfast for the past year has been what I call the “southwest egg bowl.”

It consists of quinoa, a scrambled egg, and diced tomato. I also usually throw in either diced avocado, black beans, or sometimes both. To finish it off, I top it with hot sauce and it’s ready to go. It’s delicious and filling, and I’m not sick of it yet!

My lunch for the past year has been a similar story. I pack my lunch every day for work, and I’ve been hooked on an edamame pasta salad.

This one is whole wheat pasta, edamame, black beans, olive oil, garlic powder, feta cheese, and a little lemon juice. Again, delicious and filling. I usually have this along with a Greek yogurt, some fruit, and sometimes a turkey sandwich, tuna sandwich, or hard boiled egg.

It’s funny that I am perfectly content eating the same thing over and over again for breakfast and lunch, because I can’t stand to do that for dinner.

What foods do you like to eat over and over again?

4 thoughts on “Hooked on a Feeling”

  1. I mix it up a lot, but love to come back to oatmeal with apples and cranberries for breakfast. I am full for hours! And BRAVO on the 30 lb. weight loss!

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