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Deb Runs

This week’s word is procrastination. I think everyone has something that they procrastinate. I suspect that we all have different methods of procrastination – some people may even procrastinate working out. But runners, we have our own special form of procrastination…


It’s funny to think that runners may use running to put off other tasks while others probably do those other tasks to put off running.

Are you a procrastinator?
Have you ever been guilty of ‘runcrastination’?

7 thoughts on “Procrastination?”

  1. I guess I have funcrastination. I can always find something that is more fun to do than what I am supposed to be doing!


  2. I use my blogging to procrastinate. I’ll write entries and read blogs for a bit when I get in to work. I never really read the news, so when some people catch up on world events, I’m reading blogs. World events depress me.

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