Weekly Wrap – Nov. 2 – 8

When I posted my weekly workout recap last week, I talked about how it had been an off week for me and I hoped to have a better one this past week. I’m happy to report that I did! Sometimes it can be so hard to get those workouts in, when life and work seem to be wearing you out. But I always feel so much better when I’m working out regularly, and I feel like it resonates in all other aspects of my life as well. I’m linking up with MissSippiPiddlin’ and HoHo Runs to recap how I got back into the swing of things last week.

Monday – Rest.

Tuesday – 3 mile run on the treadmill after work (since it is now pitch dark when I get home from work, boo!)

Wednesday – Cross training – 30 Day Shred level 1 workout

Thursday – Cross training – 10 minute abs and then a lot of cleaning the house

Friday – 5 mile run in the afternoon at Bisset Park. It felt like summer outside! It was 80 degrees and sunny, but no humidity at least. Very unusual for November. I decided to go run my favorite loop for this park. Sometimes it’s nice to go out for a run just to do a route you like, instead of because you need to run for X miles or X amount of time.


Saturday – Back to back workout – 30 Day Shred level 1 immediately followed by a 3 mile progressive run on the treadmill. My in-laws were visiting for the weekend, so I chose to do a workout at home instead of going out for a run to save time. I was able to squeeze this workout in late-morning while everyone else was out doing errands. It felt more like an afternoon workout, though, since I had been up since 5 AM.

I also spent the evening helping Barry blow insulation into the attic. For about two hours, his mom and I broke up forty 20 lb. bales of insulation in a grinder/blower machine. It was hard work and I’m counting that as some cross training, too!

Sunday – 30 minute trail run at Claytor Lake State Park. I first ran out to the overlook on the main trail. Most of the trees have lost their leaves now, but it’s still a pretty view.


On the way back, I did an extra little out and back on a trail that branches off of the main trail. I got a bit lost at one point, but spotted a white blaze on a tree about 20 yards away. Trails can be a bit hard to follow with all of the leaves on the ground when they haven’t been well-traveled. Plus I think I caught the state park in the midst of trail maintenance, since the actual trail looked like this:

claytor lake state park

It felt good to get back on the main trail, which was easier to follow, and wrap up my run back at the main parking lot. The temperature was around 50 degrees, which is normally perfect for running. But after a very warm week and the fact that it usually feels a bit cooler in the woods, it felt very chilly during this run. No complaints, though!

claytor lake state park

In total I got in four runs, three cross training sessions, and one complete rest day. It feels good to be back! I need to remember how good I feel, even when it’s just a 10-20 minute workout, as I continue to work on maintaining a regular workout routine.

Have the leaves on the trees in your area passed their peak?
Who else had an unseasonably warm week?

18 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap – Nov. 2 – 8”

  1. Warm last week. Scraped the windows this morning. Still having problems adjusting to this going to an from work in the dark. I’m all ready to spring forward.


    1. The leaves come down so quickly after they hit their peak. The crazy thing is the trees in our yard are just starting to turn, but everyone else’s leaves are on the ground. It looks funny because our trees are still green/just turning and all of the other trees are bare.

  2. You have such beautiful places to run! Sounds like a really great, balanced week of workouts. I wish the clocks didn’t change. I’m so sad that it gets dark so early now. It was also unseasonably warm here, but not as warm as 80! Have a great week!

    1. The early sunset can definitely put you into a funk if you’re not careful! I wonder what we can expect for this winter, the way the temperatures have been fluctuating lately.

  3. All of our leaves are gone :o(. My husband actually spent most of Saturday cleaning them up out of yard and hauling all the bags to the dump – 5 truck loads. Whoa!

  4. Not many trees have changed yet, but I did see one this weekend that was the beautiful bright yellow color. I was driving though so I couldn’t take a picture.

  5. Beautiful scenery to run right there. Gosh I would get lost if the trails looked like that. Course it doesn’t take much to get me turned around lol. I would consider blowing insulation cross training. Did it irritate your nose? When I go into our attic if I stir up the insulation it irritates it for some reason. The weather was no better here, hot but also with the humidity. I thought it was August again, a front moved through and today it’s in the 50’s much more like normal weather here. I mean really it is right at Thanksgiving, it’s about time we have some fall like weather! Thanks Meagan for jumping back in with us this week, missed ya! 🙂

    1. It’s so easy to get lost in the woods on trails this time of the year. The insulation did not irritate my nose, but I had on a mask and eye protection. I can definitely see where it would irritate your nose/lungs without a mask, though, and ours didn’t even have fiberglass in it!

  6. I’m glad to hear you had a better week! Blowing insulation is definitely cross training! Bisset Park looks like a lovely place to run. Unfortunately, we just don’t have nice trails around here. It was extremely warm here last week and we don’t have our Fall color yet. I’m worried now we may not get it or when it comes, it will last just 3 days. Thanks Meagan for linking up with us!

  7. Funny story about Claytor Lake… We used to go there sometimes when I was little, and then one day heard on the radio that it had snowed x-number of inches at “Crater” Lake. I remember running to my mom so excited that it was snowing there, and we might be getting snow soon!

    Glad you got your workout mojo back!

  8. Glad you had a better week! Great job fitting in solid runs plus cross training this week. It has been unseasonably warm here lately, but the last several days it rained and it’s cooled down a bit. Maybe the fall temps are here to stay this time.

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