Call Me Crazy….

A lot of people consider grocery shopping very tedious, and some even despise it. But it’s something I really enjoy. From the process of making a list, to the actual task, to putting everything away afterwards. I love it.


First, I get to plan some meals and make a list. You know I love a good list. Plus with grocery shopping, you get to mark everything off of your list almost immediately. It’s instantaneously gratifying and you’re getting stuff done. I like to try and navigate the grocery store like a pro. That means writing my list in the order that I know stuff will be in the store. My goal is to be as efficient as possible in the store, and avoid backtracking. It’s a fun game.

Then when I get home, I get in a little workout hauling everything upstairs. Finally, it’s time to put everything away. It’s satisfying restocking the kitchen with fresh foods and thinking about which meals I’ll make first! Call me crazy, but from start to finish, grocery shopping is one chore I love!

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?
Do you use a list when you grocery shop?
What is your favorite chore? Your least favorite?
Dishes are my least favorite

12 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy….”

  1. Grocery shopping is the only shopping I will do. There is a great sense of accomplishment marking things off of the list. Also organizing that list is important, which usually requires being familiar with your store. I find it a bit frustrating to go to a store (Wegmans) that keeps rearranging their shelves.


    1. I love the immediate satisfaction you get from crossing items off of your grocery list. It’s always a game for me seeing if I can write my list so I don’t have to back track in the store, so a store that kept rearranging would really annoy me too!

  2. I didn’t used to like grocery shopping, but now I do. My list isn’t efficient since I write down what I need when I think of it, but I know where it all is at the store.

    1. I keep a list on the fridge where we write down what we need as we think of it, and then I rewrite it in “order” before I go to the store. I couldn’t do it the way you described – it would mess me up and I would miss things and have to back track in the store!

  3. I LOVE grocery shopping. I don’t really care for the after-work-need-to-grab-something-quick trips, but love my big, regular shop. I like to go early on Saturday morning before the store is crowded. I bring my coffee (our carts have cup holders!), my list, and I just peruse the aisles. Sans kid. It’s the best.

    I also make my list like you, items in accordance to where they are located in the store. Produce, dry goods, meats, dairy, and frozen foods.

    1. That’s neat that you use an app! I’m so ingrained in using pen and paper (I still use a hard copy calendar instead of relying on my phone) and crossing things off.

  4. Yeah that’s crazy. LOL I hate grocery shopping. I like having it done though and the satisfaction of knowing we have meals planned and full cupboards!

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