I am currently….

Very confused on what day it is. I was off work last Friday and Monday was a holiday. I’m definitely not complaining about the time away from work, but it really throws me off!

Enjoying this gorgeous fall weather. The leaves are changing and they’re almost at their peak, and it’s the perfect temperature for running! I need to get out on the trails and take it all in.


Still upholding my New Years resolution of flossing every day. I’m proud of that, since the year is over halfway through. Having a first ever cavity-turned first ever root canal is pretty good incentive!

Missing Annabelle, but also glad that she no longer resides in our backyard. Wednesday night and Thursday morning a bull decided to hang out right at our fence. If she had still been in our backyard, we probably would have had a bull in our backyard, too!


No longer in need of an inhaler! I had to start using one after a string of respiratory infections last winter. Luckily, I started needing it less and less as the summer went on and have not needed it at all recently.

Excited to head down to Fries, VA today for a weekend camping trip. A few days ago I didn’t know if we were going to be able to go, because we discovered a massive leak in our camper (after two weeks of heavy rain) and had to replace the entire frame of the front/bedroom area.



We are heading down there today will be running the New River Trail 25K tomorrow!

What do you currently have going on?
Who else is racing this weekend?
Do holidays throw you off?

3 thoughts on “Currently…”

  1. Nothing big this weekend. With the first frosty morning predicted most are bringing in plants to protect them. I don’t do plants but I may have to give in and put the top on the jeep. Sad day.

    Glad you got the RV back together. Have a good run.


  2. I thought of you yesterday as Mom and I drove past Hungry Mother State Park and I saw a girl running on the trail beside the lake! It would have been a beautiful afternoon for a run!

    Have fun camping this weekend and good luck at your 25K! It’s good that you got your leak fixed in the camper because it just started raining here in SWVA. Hope it’s not raining in Fries!

  3. Fun update! Your fall colors are so beautiful. Ours are similar, but we don’t have the mountains! Bummer about your camper. At least you caught it before winter!

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