comparison is the thief of joy

Making Comparisons

Another Wednesday is upon us, and that brings with it another Wednesday Word from Debbie for her Wednesday Word link up!

Deb Runs

This week’s word is comparison. Click on the button above to join in on the link up and see who else is linking up.

The word comparison inspired me to do a sort of PSA this week for my fellow runners. A lot of us talk about the need to only compare what we have done to ourselves. But with the onslaught of social media, it’s hard not to look at what others are doing and let that little voice in your head take over. It tells you that you’re not doing enough, running fast enough, getting up early enough, eating healthy enough, etc. And all that does is make you feel worse.

It’s all fine and well to be competitive with others during a workout challenge or a race, but don’t constantly compare yourself to others. More often than not, there’s always going to be someone better, and comparing yourself to them will only diminish your own accomplishments.

comparison is the thief of joy
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Remember why you started running in the first place. If it wasn’t to become a professional and earn a paycheck, give yourself a break. Focus on your achievements and look forward to the goals you have set for yourself.

Do you compare yourself to others?

16 thoughts on “Making Comparisons”

  1. It’s so easy to play that comparison game with social media. I learned a long time ago in our local races, there is always someone faster. Always. It’s about meeting your own goals!

  2. Unless you’re a Kenyan, someone’s going to be going faster! It is SO hard to feel like you’re not measuring up when you see someone posting their paces on social media. I love your advice to think about why YOU run in the first place.

  3. “Run Your Own Race” is one of my favorite running quotes. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else, or even to where you were before you got sick, went on vacation, etc.

    1. I love that quote, too. Focus on the now and on your goals, not on what others are doing or even what you did in the past under different circumstances.

  4. One reason I do post my pace is because I know I’m not the only slow runner out there. I hope I can inspire someone to thing even though I only run _____ pace, yeah, I’m still a runner.

    Sometimes comparison can be motivating and dang I guess I should have blogged about that. Maybe a blog for another day. 🙂

    1. Despite being dangerous for the comparison game, social media can also serve as a great motivator. It’s nice to see others out there that you can relate to who are doing what you do.

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