Carefree Running

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Each week, we are given a single word prompt to write about. This week’s word is carefree.

Although it’s not a requirement, I often end up using the weekly word prompt to write about something running-related. This is a running blog, after all. And I couldn’t help but think about running in conjunction with carefree this week. What comes to mind when I think of carefree running? Every kids race I’ve ever seen that takes place as part of a road race.

From the Varmint 1/2 Marathon

Kids truly exemplify carefree running when they run. It’s natural to them and they are running’s purest participants. Often there is no worry about pace, technical apparel, shoes, etc. They run for the sake of running.

I know you’ve seen those little ones who sprint for a short distance, then walk, then sprint again during a race. You may laugh about them (or with them – as they often giggle while they run). But you know what? They’re running without a care in the world, because running is still play for them. It doesn’t matter how long the race is. They’re going to run as fast as they can for as long as they can, and then they’re going to take a break and go again. They exemplify running at its most basic. At its most carefree. Their primary objective is just to have fun.

What does being carefree mean to you?

18 thoughts on “Carefree Running”

  1. I was thinking about “carefree” on my run this morning and yep, like you, I was thinking about kids running. It’s nice to try and think about running like that, without worrying about the race calendar or your Garmin or your shorts bunching up, or whatever it is that shadows your carefree. I hope you are able to emulate them!

    1. They do a pretty good job of embodying the meaning of carefree. I think we all need at least one ‘carefree’ run (where paces, time, upcoming races, etc.) on our calendars each week!

  2. My daughter has only done one kid’s race so far. She ended up stopping right in the middle of it and bursting into tears! Mom had to save her and carry her across the finish line. She hasn’t been so enthused about kid’s races since then!

    However, she does love to run around in our backyard. The other day, she was literally running in circles, so I asked her what she was doing. “Running in circles!” Lol, oh to be young and carefree and run in circles just because!

    1. Along with being carefree, kids also have a lot of heart and definitely wear it on their sleeves. I’ve seen many that just burst into tears like that. Good thing Mommas like yourself are often nearby to scoop them up.

    1. Many carefree days to you, too! My running isn’t always carefree, per say, but one thing I do love is that often once I’m out on a run the rest of the world doesn’t matter. During that time, whatever else I have to face that day falls by the wayside.

  3. So true! The children at the Super Kids RUN This Town on Saturday were very carefree! Well, all except for the little girl that stopped about three steps shy of the finish line and burst into tears! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I saw a few of the pictures on FB – they were so cute! Too funny about the little girl bursting into tears so close to the finish line. Not for her, I’m sure, but I’ve seen kids do that and they just put so much into it and truly wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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