Own It, but Don’t Boast

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Deb Runs

Last week we talked about being humble and having humility. This week we are talking about modesty. They seem very similar, but they are slightly different.

Being humble has to do with your inner state and feelings, and how you interact with others. On the other hand, being modest has to do with how you think of yourself, and not talking yourself up or putting your accomplishments on display. It can also have to do with physical things – like dressing modestly. In short, being humble has to do with actions and behaviors, while being modest is more of a personality trait, an innate quality.


Despite their differences, though, the two do kind of go hand in hand. Modesty starts with you, and translates into humility towards others. Although they’re different I don’t think you can have one without the other.

Furthermore, I think modesty is sometimes used with a negative connotation. People use it to imply that you’re not owning your accomplishments, to the point of not taking credit for something or downright denying something. But I prefer the positive spin – it means that you have respect for yourself, but you’re also not boastful. You act humbly and you don’t show off. How does that relate to running?


Well, I think there’s a balance between owning your accomplishments and bragging. If someone asks you how a race or run went, it’s alright to tell them about it. Just keep it simple, and save the play-by-play for the ones who really want to hear it.

And don’t forget that people, especially your friends and loved ones, like hearing good news. They want to celebrate with you. So go ahead and show that medal off! Just maybe don’t wear it to work the entire week after the race.

What does being modest mean to you? In general, do you think it has a positive or negative connotation?

10 thoughts on “Own It, but Don’t Boast”

  1. I think you are so right, modesty and humility do go together and require for us to think of others before ourselves 🙂
    Also, true, others do want to share what makes us happy, they may not get it, but they don’t mind hearing about something good. Good thoughts!

  2. I do think people can be TOO modest. But, there is a very fine line because you don’t want to brag either. The first awards I won were put in my closet. I didn’t tell anyone about them. I came home one day and my husband had made me a beautiful shelf (with hooks for medals) to display them. He said “You shouldn’t hide your awards in the closet.”

    1. What a sweet guy to make a shelf for you! I definitely don’t think you should walk around wearing your medals all of the time or anything… but they don’t belong in the closet either! 😉

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