Ragnar Trail Relay WV


This week’s Wednesday Word linkup with Debbie is annoying. No, not the link up. The word annoying is our topic this week. Click the button below to check out others linking up and join in, too.

Deb Runs

We were actually joking about this one this past weekend during our Ragnar Trail Relay in West Virginia, and I think I will share that joke with you.

Debbie likes to take a lot of pictures and when I came back absolutely covered in mud after my first leg of the relay she had to document it. I teased her that I would be writing this week’s Wednesday Word about her. But I really do love that she takes so many pictures! How else would I end up with gems like this one?

Ragnar Trail Relay WV

The full story on how I ended up looking like that, and the significance of that camera in my hands, is coming at you in the near future. The tale of this very muddy journey will begin on Friday.

What does the word ‘annoying’ mean to you?

22 thoughts on “Annoying…..?”

  1. When I am running through the neighborhood and cars pull into the cross walk sections with no regard for pedestrians…man that’s annoying

  2. You know what’s annoying? My noisy office mate across the hall who is talking and talking and talking while I’m trying to write my blog post (shhh, while at work). You guys RULE for running in that mud!

  3. My is definitely annoying! I hate it when I have to scrub and scrub in the shower, not to mention the mud on the gear!

    I think I’d have to write 10 pages of things that I find annoying. 99% of the population, for one. 😀

    1. I’m still dealing with mud on the gear – it’s going to take awhile to get it all sorted out! And I agree with you – 99% of the population, for sure. There are definitely some days where I just feel like I don’t like people that day.

    1. It’s really not an annoyance 🙂 I just like to tease you. I wish I was as good about taking pictures as you are! I will say starting this blog got me to start taking more pictures.

    1. I haven’t, yet. I’ve got all of my clothes washed (they required a pre-soak and two rounds through the washer). Today I got my hydration pack washed. Tomorrow I tackle my shoes and camp chair!

  4. I can not even imagine that amount of mud! That’s neat you know Deb 🙂 How the heck did you run in it? I think that’s goes from annoying to downright discouraging, but I am a wuss lol

    1. Well there wasn’t a whole lot of running in that kind of mud – which in itself was very annoying! It was more just sliding and often speed walking through it.

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