spinach and feta omelet

A Balanced Weekend

March, already!? This year is already flying by! This past weekend was a pretty good mix of activity and inactivity. It started with a race on Saturday morning: the Explore Your Limits 10K trail race in Roanoke. It was a balmy 15 degrees at the start, which actually didn’t feel so bad compared to the weather lately. The trail conditions were really tough, with deep snow covering most of the trail. I wish I had been better prepared. Unfortunately, I ended up dropping from the 10K to the 5K midrace. It was the right decision, but I still wasn’t thrilled about it. Full details on Wednesday.

Explore Your Limits 10K 5K

Once we got home from the race, I made a delicious breakfast: a spinach, tomato, and feta omelet. Yum! I spent most of the rest of the day catching up on some of our DVR’ed shows with Barry. We record a lot of shows, but we’re not very good about watching them. Case in point: we spent much of the day watching episodes that were recorded last October. Oops.

spinach and feta omelet

Yesterday started out with another spinach omelet. I couldn’t get enough this weekend! Then I spent some time doing a handful of chores around the house, and helping Barry watch more TV shows from the DVR. 🙂 In the evening, we both got in short runs on the roads around our house. I had debated whether or not to go for a run yesterday, and I’m glad I did.


It was 44 degrees outside, which felt downright hot compared to the weather lately. I got in 3 miles and it felt good to get my legs warmed up and stretch. My ankles, calves, and right hamstring were really sore from Saturday’s race.


I like this part after a handful of big snow storms: where the roads are clear but everything else is still covered. It’s really pretty, but at the same time it’s not a hindrance. But I’m also really ready for spring!

Who else has had enough of winter?
What is your favorite food lately?

10 thoughts on “A Balanced Weekend”

  1. I’ve had enough winter. Yesterday was a wasted day with ice all over the DMV.

    And the answer to my favorite is Yes. It’s all good.


  2. I was shocked when Mom told me how warm it got down your way yesterday while we sat under an ice covered blanket. Unfortunately, it looks like it might not be safe for us to run outside at all this week. Time will tell, and yes, I’m ready for spring! 🙂

    1. It’s been crazy! We had all that snow, and then it warmed up and started melting and caused flooding. Now we had a high of 60 yesterday (Wednesday) and are expecting a low of 8 degrees tonight after getting an inch of ice and some more snow today. Sheesh! I hope y’all thaw out soon and get rid of that ice.

  3. *Raises hand* I’ve had enough of winter! Every time it gets warm enough for me to think about running outside, it snows. I don’t mind snow on the ground, but I don’t like running when it’s actively snowing or raining. Getting pelted in the face is just not fun. Looks like I’ll be on my treadmill for a bit longer!

    I don’t blame you for dropping down to the 5k. Running through deep snow does not seem like fun!

  4. I especially like to add avocados and cheese to my eggs.

    Seeing the snow you have makes me realize just how nice I had it on race day when the temperature was in the 40’s. You’re really tough for racing 5K in that snow!

    1. I like avocados in eggs, too 🙂 Sometimes I’ll do avocado, cheese, some black beans, and salsa. Yum! I am jealous of your race temp’s last weekend! For me, temp’s in the 40’s with cloudy skies or a very light drizzle is perfect.

  5. I’ve definitely had enough of winter!! Bummer about the race but in those conditions I think even 5k was pretty impressive. Snow like that is so tough to run in. And 15 to 44, what a change! I love those warm-ish days when the snow is still pretty, like you said, but the road is clear. Fun running weather!

    1. Same here! Two weeks until the official spring, per the calendar. I think the 5K should have counted as a 10K and the 10K should have been a 10 miler at that race 🙂 It was a lot of work!

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