Running a race tomorrow…..?

The second race of the trail series I signed up for is tomorrow – the Explore Your Limits 10K. I can’t believe it’s already here, but I also can, because it’s been awhile since the first race in early January. That first race of 2015 was a bit rough for me, due to lack of training.

Frozen Toe 10K

After that race I was really looking forward to getting back into a regular routine (and earning my shirt!). I fully expected to be running regularly by now and be much more prepared for this second race. But unfortunately, that is not the case. I did start to get back into a regular routine, and was even getting some decent trail time in each week.


However, my running and workouts have been more sporadic these past three weeks. Two weeks ago was when I was in Raleigh and got really sick. Then last week I was still getting over that cold, and then we got all of that snow. I did get in a couple of short treadmill runs, but I haven’t been on trails in weeks.

trail running

So it’s probably going to be another tough run tomorrow. On top of my lack of running lately, there’s also the fact that we got 16 inches of snow last week, and another 5 inches on Wednesday night this week. That brings us to a little over 20 inches of snow on the trails. The kicker is that practically none of it has melted, so it’s going to be interesting out there. At least it shouldn’t be too icy. Due to the snow covered trails, the race director has suggested Yak Trax or an equivalent.

I will definitely be exploring them tomorrow.
I will definitely be exploring them tomorrow.

So it sounds like the trail conditions will be some of the toughest I’ve run in. I’ll definitely be wearing my Snow Trax! I’m going to try and stay positive and enjoy my time on the trails in the woods, but I have to say it’s a good thing they say walkers are welcome for this race! Even if I was in better shape, I think the snowy conditions are going to make for a tough race.

Who else is racing this weekend?
Any tips on running through 20 inches of snow?

8 thoughts on “Running a race tomorrow…..?”

  1. I have no experience running through 20 inches of snow, but my advice is to stay warm! It’s going to be cold tomorrow (I’m assuming it will be down there, too!) I’ve got a long run scheduled. We’ll see.
    Just try to enjoy it!

    1. It is going to be cold here tomorrow, too, you’re right. I think it’s going to be around 12 degrees at the start. But hey, that’s 4 degrees warmer than my January race! I hope your long run goes well!

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