A Few Random Facts

I always enjoy reading random things about people that wouldn’t necessarily come up when you’re blogging about running or your day to day life. So for fun, here’s five random facts about me!

1. I have a permanent retainer behind my lower bottom front teeth. They cemented it in after I got my braces off in 9th grade to keep my teeth from shifting. I’ve had it ever since.

2. I’m going to learn to juggle clubs! I already know how to juggle balls and I can also juggle larger objects and oddly shaped things, but I’ve always wanted to learn to juggle clubs. Barry got me my very own set for Christmas and I can’t wait to learn.

juggling clubs

3. When I was a kid I had a more unusual way of playing on the playgrounds – things like walking across the tops of swing sets. When I did actually swing on a swing, just jumping off wasn’t fun enough. Instead, I would do back flips off of the swing.

4. My great uncle taught me how to put someone in checkmate in a game of chess in the first four moves. Oddly, it never worked when I tried to use it on him :)

5. I am a huge Virginia Tech football fan (okay, that’s not news to anyone). Our stadium is looking pretty sleepy right now during the winter…


… but come Labor Day night it will be packed as the Hokies take on Ohio State in our season opener. I  can’t wait!

Your turn! Tell me some random facts about you.

11 thoughts on “A Few Random Facts”

  1. David also has a permanent retainer! He thinks he can get it removed, but is too lazy to really look into it. I never see it. How many broken bones did you have as a kid?

    1. How funny! Why get it removed (unless he’s having an issue)? I intend to leave mine in as long as it will stay there, as it keeps my teeth from shifting. Haha I don’t think I had any broken bones until I stopped doing all that crazy stuff. And even then it was minor things – no arms or legs.

  2. Walking across the top of swings? Way up there? Oh my goodness, I would have a HEART ATTACK if you were my kid. LOL Must be that circus club. Did your Dad ever rethink that after you started doing crazy stunts? Or, maybe he was glad you at least had some training to do crazy things. My husband taught me the same chess trick but of course I can’t ever remember it.

    1. I didn’t have any sense of danger when I was a kid, and I bounced pretty well 🙂 I think I was doing a lot of that stuff before circus club, so he probably didn’t blame that! That’s cool that your husband knows the same trick – I think it’s a Bobby Fischer trick.

      1. Okay maybe I got it backwards. Maybe you were put in circus club to learn some skills so you’d be safe doing things you were already doing. LOL!

  3. I think that picture in Lane was taken from our seats two years ago! HaHa! I don’t want to wish my summer away, but I can’t wait until kickoff!

    I need to brush up on my tennis ball juggling so we can juggle on our next trail run together! 🙂

    1. It looks pretty close to your seats 🙂 I can’t wait until football season, either! We can certainly juggle on our trail run, but I definitely cannot juggle while trail running. I can barely trail run while trail running! Ha.

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