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Weekend Happenings

My weekend started early, on Friday, because I had the day off of work (I had already hit 40+ hours earlier in the week). I was up early to ride to work with Barry so that he could drop me off at the shop to pick up my car. Once I got home, I hung out for a bit before heading out for a late morning trail run. I got in nearly 4.5 miles on the local mountain trails.

draper mountain trails

Friday afternoon I got a much needed hair cut and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening running errands. I hadn’t planned on spending so much time on errands, but I was in search of a new Virginia Tech jacket and couldn’t find what I was looking for (my old one from 2006 is worn out). Five stores later I finally found “the one.”

Even better – it was on winter clearance! Why winter coats are on clearance and bathing suits are already on the sales floor in February, when there’s two more months of winter, I’ll never know. Worked in my favor, though!

On Saturday morning I met up with Kim for a 6 mile run on the trails in town. It was a pretty chilly morning, with temp’s in the low 20’s, but it was really clear and crisp. I felt pretty tired the last two miles but I didn’t want to mess up Kim’s run so I pushed through. Which means I was capable of pushing through 🙂 I need to remember that the next time I get really tired when I’m running on my own.

dora trail pulaski

I spent most of Saturday afternoon doing laundry and other stuff around the house, and getting packed for my trip to Raleigh this week. Once Barry got home from work, we hung out and had BBQ crock pot chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner. Yum!

I don’t know why the coloring on the sweet potato looks so weird… it was a regular sweet potato.

Yesterday morning I slept in (i.e. woke up without the sound of an alarm, glorious!). I didn’t feel like running, so I did a Jillian DVD workout instead. Then I finished up some packing and hung out with the dogs for a bit before heading down the road to Raleigh. Once I got to my hotel I didn’t feel like going back out for dinner, so I bought an overpriced $8 side salad with grilled chicken from the hotel restaurant.


I was surprised that this qualifies as a side salad, but at least I got more bang for my buck than I was expecting. I added the hard boiled eggs, which I bought with me. Unbeknownst to me, there’s no in-room fridge (would have been nice of the hotel to put that info on their website…). However, they will provide one for $10/day, as the friendly front desk attendant informed me. Guess I’ll be using lots of ice from the ice machine until all of my eggs are gone! 🙂

When you’re shopping for something (like a new coat), are you really particular?
Do you like busy weekends, or laid back ones?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings”

  1. I wouldn’t say I am a picky shopper but I do check the price first. I also prefer to find what I am looking for with one stop. Hectic weekends are fine so long as it is something I wasn’t to do.


  2. I’m the pickiest. I hate spending money, so it’s not happening unless I find something I love. I don’t shop much 🙂 Except for food. I do that almost daily.

  3. That salad looks great! I am a fan of extra protein in anything 🙂 I love laid back weekends, but I do feel a great sense of accomplishment after a busy weekend where I got a lot done 🙂

    1. It was yummy, especially with the extra eggs on top! It does feel good when you get to the end of a weekend and feel really accomplished, doesn’t it?

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