Another Busy Weekend Recap

I don’t know how these weekends keep flying by, but that’s exactly what they do! This one felt like another busy one, although looking back I only really did three big things. They took up a lot of time, though.

Saturday morning I took it easy and got some things done around the house (laundry, dishes, etc…). We had freezing rain all night Friday night, so this was partly to let the trails thaw out a bit. Despite the weather I was still determined to do my trail run as planned. Around lunchtime I headed over to the Draper Mountain trails in town for a run up Draper Mountain and back down. It ended up being one of the most beautiful days I’ve spent in the woods.

Trail Running Draper Mountain

Trail Running Draper Mountain

I ended up taking a bunch of pictures because it was so pretty in the woods. I don’t feel like they captured it very well, but I’m still planning to share a bunch of them tomorrow. Once I got home from my run I got a quick shower and grabbed something to eat before heading out to the grocery store for a big shopping trip. I decided to plan out about 10 meals for the next two weeks.


I realize that’s a pretty crappy picture. I also realized I actually have 14 meals on that list (although we already ate one of them – chicken enchiladas on Saturday night!). But either way it’s on the fridge now, so it’s official.

On Sunday morning I headed up to Roanoke with Scout for Search and Rescue training. We were working in the downtown area, an ‘urban’ environment, which is tougher for the dogs. She had a good day, though, and did pretty well! She even conquered her fear of stair wells and followed a trail that started in a parking lot and finished by going into a parking garage and up a stairwell to the top level.


Hank didn’t come this time since Barry is his handler (so official) and he had to work yesterday. Hank totally doesn’t mind, though. He likes to stay home and nap and blow slobber bubbles and stuff.


I got home from training in just enough time to grab a quick lunch, change, and head out to meet Kim for a late afternoon run. I was feeling pretty worn out at this point, and I was worried Kim would want to run 8 – 10 miles. I was prepared to tough it out, but luckily she was feeling a bit tired, too, so we settled for 5 miles. It was plenty for me!

Dora Trail Pulaski

I’m glad it’s now Monday and time to go back to work, because I need a rest after that weekend! Luckily, today is also a rest day.

Do you ever plan out several meals in advance for a week or more?
Do you have a certain day of the week that’s typically a rest day?
It used to always be Sundays for me, but now I try and do two runs on the weekends and take a rest day on Mondays.
What did you do this past weekend? Who raced?

8 thoughts on “Another Busy Weekend Recap”

  1. Of course I planned meals. Still do. What do you think kept you alive for your first eighteen years or so?

    Had a busy weekend getting ready for the trip to Colorado. Looking forward to getting some non-work travel in this year. Also found time to get in a few miles indoors. Hoping for that first warm spell so I can get in a ride without wrapping all of the skin.

    My rest day? Usually Friday after work.


  2. I always make my grocery list for 2 weeks, usually 13-14 meals. It stems from when we lived in the country for awhile and it took 30 minutes just to get to the store. Now it’s just habit. It also helps us eat out less! Takes a little planning and prep work, but it works for us.

    I’m jealous of your weather! I’m still running on the treadmill, for the most part, although it’s starting to warm up just a little here. I usually run long on Sunday and rest on Saturdays so that I can do other errands, but it really depends on what we have going on. If I have an event planned for Sat evening, I’ll run that morning so I can indulge a little bit that evening :o).

    1. That’s cool that you always do it. It’s a lot of work and planning, but feels great to have it all planned out! Hope you can be free of the treadmill soon!

  3. Hank blowing bubbles is so cute 9in kind of a gross sort of way). I love it. And poor Scout for being afraid of stairwells. Zoey is afraid of statues of animals and every time we take her somewhere were there is a statue, we worry she is going to bark/growl at it.

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