Jersey heifer calf

Our Calf Is Growing! (Annabelle Update)

Annabelle is now a little over 3 months old. She has changed so much since we brought her home in early October! Below on the left is the day we brought her home, at 3 days old and 35 pounds. On the right is nearly 3 months old, and at least 150 pounds!

Jersey heifer calf

She has put on a lot more weight and has grown a bit taller. She’s also grown a lot wider, too! Looking pretty healthy, with a furry coat to keep warm.

Jersey heifer calf

Right now she is still living in our backyard, but Barry has expanded her area. She’s really enjoyed this as it lets her walk/run around a bit and she gets to eat grass!

Jersey heifer calf

She still likes running around with the dogs, and can now outrun Hank. She also recently head butted him! I guess poor old Hank is at the bottom of the totem pole. Annabelle and Scout are still best buddies, and Scout can often be found just sitting or standing by Annabelle’s pen keeping her company.

Jersey heifer calf

Jersey heifer calf and bloodhound

One major change since I last checked in is that we have weaned Annabelle. We started the process around the second week in December, by taking her down to one feeding of milk a day (down from two). By December 22 we had cut her off milk completely. She was not very happy about that and made her feelings known!

Jersey heifer calf
“I’m not happy with you”
Jersey heifer calf
“Give me my miiiiiilk”

While Annabelle was being weaned, Scout was very upset. Anytime Annabelle was outside bawling, Scout would go and sit by her pen and stare at us like “hello, clearly she needs something!” Now Annabelle eats hay and grain, from her snazzy feeder that Barry got for her. It took a few days, but she has adjusted and is completely weaned now.

calf feeder

She still really likes hanging with the dogs, but I think she’s no longer having an identity crisis. She spends a lot of time talking to the cows in the field behind our house, and I think they’ve set her straight.

calf and cows

The next step is to find some land for our little ‘peanut’ to move to. She’s not staying in the backyard forever and she’s not going to be a little peanut for long!

Jersey heifer calf

Do you have any questions about Annabelle? I’ll try and address them in the next update!

11 thoughts on “Our Calf Is Growing! (Annabelle Update)”

  1. Such a big girl now. Won’t be long and you can ride her to work. She looks like she is enjoying her new space. I am sure those other cows are telling her what it is like on the open range. Maybe you could set up a few play dates with the neighbors cows?


  2. Oh that picture of her with the other cattle…she’s still just a little baby. She is so cute, don’t move her away! Who will scout have to watch over? So cute that he was upset when she was upset. A little baby needs her milk 🙂

    1. Yea! She’s grown so much, but when she stands next to a full grown cow it shows how little she really is still. Hopefully we will find somewhere close by for her 🙂

  3. Aww, what a cutie! I love that she and Hank are buddies. Her little feeding area is so nice, too! Are you looking for some land to buy or will you just find a farmer to see if they’ll let her live on their land?

    1. It’s actually she and Scout who are buddies. Hank just gets chased by her, haha. I think we will probably look to lease land. It would be nice if someone just let us raise her on their land, though!

  4. Annabell is such a big girl now! I remember how greedy the recently weened calves would be when I was feeding the other calves. They would try to head-butt the other calves to knock the bottles out of their mouths so they could steal them!

    1. I know! She’s growing so fast – and looking more like a cow than a calf. Luckily Annabelle didn’t have the opportunity to be greedy and steel another baby’s bottle, but I bet she would have!

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