Dora Trail junction with New River State Park Trail

Runner Quirks

As a runner, I have a lot of strange habits and odd things I do. Some of it is probably just inherent to running itself, while others are most likely a product of my personality.

1. I like running all of my runs with my Garmin so that I can see how far I ran down to the hundredth of a mile. When it comes to the distance of my run, I always have to finish at the even mile or a little after it. But I can never stop my run if I am nearing the end of a mile.

2. If there’s a stop sign, mile post, etc. at my turnaround point during my run I have to hit it as a I loop around

Dora Trail junction with New River State Park Trail

3. I always put my left sock on first when I’m putting on my running socks. But with other socks it doesn’t matter and I alternate. It also doesn’t matter with my shoes (running, or otherwise), just my running socks.


4. When I’m training for a race and following a specific training plan I like to print out the plan so I can cross off the days. I also designate a pen to be used for the crossing off, and I wont use it for any other purpose during training.

This training cycle's training plan and pen
This training cycle’s training plan and pen

5. Whenever I see a porta potty it makes me happy. I don’t even have to be running at the time

porta potty

What quirks do you have related to exercise? One of Barry’s quirks is that he almost always showers before a run or a race.


14 thoughts on “Runner Quirks”

  1. Number one, definitely! I’ve done so many laps around parking lots to get to an even mile! Your sock thing is just weird ๐Ÿ™‚ I like to print out plans and cross them off, too. But designating a pen? Wow. I can never even FIND the same pen twice…

  2. The portapotty one made me laugh! I think we all have quirks, whether or not we admit it. I also put on my left sock (and shoe!) first, always. I have several others as well. I think runners are all a bit OCD or else how could we stick to our training schedules?

    1. Funny that you also do the left sock/shoe thing! Are you left or right handed? I’m right handed. I wonder if there’s a connection. Running definitely takes a certain amount of OCD!

  3. Not sure how you got so quirky?

    Left sock first, hit the mile post and end on the odd.

    Not a big fan of the porta-potty. Any tree will do.


    1. The apple never falls far from the tree…. or maybe it’s just one of those nature vs. nurture things ๐Ÿ™‚ If I was a boy, any tree would do for me, too!

  4. Well, now I am going to have to start paying attention to which sock I put on first. I have never thought about it! I used to do the same with the garmin, but I don’t anymore, too much. I am fine with a run ending in .25, .5, or .75. For trail runs, I let it end on any random number because that is how I approach trails ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’d love to hear what you find out about your sock! Funny you mention ending on random numbers for trails – I actually do the same thing. It’s been so long since I ran trails, I hadn’t thought about it.

  5. There are some funny ones here! Except for that one about having to complete each mile or go a little further. That one’s completely normal because that’s what I like to do!

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