Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 4

This week I continued to build my mileage during the base building phase of training. I was blessed with a few cool days with low humidity that made for some pretty enjoyable runs.

Monday- Rest.

Tuesday- 5 mile run on the treadmill. It ended up being another “Treadmill Tuesday” with Sven, continuing the theme of the past few weeks. Soon my Treadmill Tuesdays are going to be spent at the track, though!

Wednesday- Rest.

Thursday- 3 mile run in the morning before work. It was barely 50 degrees, and I was actually a bit chilly during this run. At least this time the polar vortex didn’t produce temperatures down to -31 like last time. DSCN2141 Friday- 4 mile run on the roads around our house. Even though I ran in the middle of the afternoon, it was relatively cool and not very humid outside. Glorious! Another great thing about this run? I made it all the way up Black Hollow Hill without taking a walk break! That’s only the second time I’ve ever done that. According to my Garmin data, the hill is about 200 feet in elevation gain over 0.75 miles. But the first 125 feet of that happens during the first 0.4 miles, which I think is what makes this hill so tough. country road Saturday- 10 mile long run on the Dora and New River Trails. It felt more like April than July outside, with the temperature hovering around 60 and a steady rain throughout my run.

Dora Trail

For some reason my pace was about a minute per mile slower than usual for the first half of the run. Then things picked up a bit and I ended the run with an average pace about 20 to 30 seconds per mile slower than usual. It felt like the same effort level and I still had a really enjoyable run, so I guess it was just a bit of an off day pace-wise.

New River State Park Trail

I also saw a lot of deer during this run, including these two cute fawns!

Dora Trail

Sunday- 5 mile run with Kim on the Dora Trail. The temperature was cool like it was on Saturday, but it wasn’t raining and was a lot muggier. This picture is kind of deceiving, as I think that’s the only time we saw the sun all day:

Dora Trail

When we got back to the parking lot, a train was just making its way through town. I decided to try and grab a picture of it, with the post office and the courthouse clock in the background. I had intended to get the train a bit more in the picture, though. Next time.

Downtown Pulaski Town of Pulaski

Total Miles: 27 miles

16 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 4”

  1. Nice solid week of training & congrats on making it up the hill! Those off-pace days are always strange because, like you said they don’t feel any different.
    Your fawns are adorable 🙂

  2. Another fine week of work. Glad the temperatures behaved. Hadf a hot week in Tucson with some pretty interesting storms.

    Ain’t nothing like a train going by to turn me into a little boy again.


  3. Nice week of training! Like the deer picture. I’m usually running by squirrels and birds. No deer yet. I look forward to following your training!

    1. I see lots of squirrels and birds, too. But there are always deer, groundhogs, bunny rabbits, and loose dogs on my runs. One time there was even a bear!

    1. The weather was fantastic last week and throughout the weekend! Unfortunately, we are back to the typical humidity of July today.

  4. Great week!! Treadmill Tuesdays sound like a good plan. I always run faster on my TM; I need to force myself to get on it more. I think you’d die laughing at what we call hills here. I DO live in the 2nd flattest state in the nation you know. (2nd to Florida).

    1. This week I tried not to do a treadmill Tuesday, but ended up there again. Ahhh well. I didn’t know Illinois was the second flattest state! I’ll file that bit of info away in case it comes up on Jeopardy 🙂

  5. Keep up the Treadmill Tuesdays! I prefer doing speed work on the treadmill to the track most of the time, so I say keep it up. I’m glad you had a cool week, too. It was nice here last week as well, which makes every day in the 90s this week sad. But I ran at 7:30 last night and it was much better than anticipated.

    1. I did again this week, although not on purpose. Have a cooler week, temperature-wise, is nice but then it makes it so much harder when it gets hot again!

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