pickled eggs

Pickled Eggs!

Remember when I mentioned last weekend that I had a project on Sunday? Well it’s done, and the result is very tasty!


I’m always looking for different ways to use eggs, since we get six eggs a day from our chickens. Recently, one of my coworkers gave me a recipe for pickled eggs. I love to eat pickled eggs (also known as red beet eggs) on salads, and straight out of the jar as a snack. But I’ve never made my own before!

pickled eggs

I started out by hard boiling twenty eggs. The recipe only called for a dozen, but fresh eggs are really hard to peel after being hard boiled. So I figured if I boiled twenty, I should end up with at least twelve usable ones.

hard boil eggs

Once the eggs were done boiling I got down to peeling them. Twenty eggs is a lot to peel! Luckily, I ended up with thirteen that were usable. I ate one of the unusable ones while it was still warm. I couldn’t resist 🙂

hard boiled eggs

Next it was time to prepare the sauce while the eggs cooled. The recipe called for a mixture of vinegar, pickling spices, garlic, bay leaf, and pickled beet juice. I’m not going to share the exact recipe, since I haven’t asked permission to do so.

pickled egg ingredients

I mixed up the ingredients in a sauce pan and brought the mixture to a boil while stirring. Then I removed the pan from the heat and allowed the mixture to cool.

pickled egg sauce

While the sauce was cooling, I sliced an onion (and cried while doing so, of course) and put the onion rings, along with the eggs, into jars. The jars are originally from my Nana, but my dad had them in the basement and brought me them back in April. I think they were left over from my wedding centerpieces.

pickled eggs

I had the option of including the pickled beets or not. I decided to do one jar with six eggs and just onion slices, and the other two jars with three eggs each, onion slices and beets. Once the sauce was cool I poured it into each jar.

pickled eggs

Then it was into the fridge for the next three days!

Do you ever make pickled eggs or veggies?
Does anyone else do any kind of canning?

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