Red Sex Link chickens

Hank (and Scout) got into the chicken coop (again)….

I cannot believe my 25K trail race is this weekend! How did it sneak up on me so fast?? This will be the longest run I’ve ever done on trails, and I’m nervous but also excited. While I get my game face ready for Sunday morning, I leave you with this gem of a story.

Hank and Scout got into the chicken run the other night. This was Hank’s second time getting into the chicken run with the chickens, and Scout’s first time. But let me start by giving you some background.

Red Sex Link chickens

I had been out earlier in the day to give the chickens some leftover lettuce, strawberry tops, and pineapple. I unlatched the gate, gave the chickens their treat, collected eggs from the nesting box, and then headed back inside. Shortly thereafter, Barry got home from work and we put the dogs outside. I was in the kitchen and Barry happened to look out the back door and suddenly shouted “both dogs are in the chicken coop!” Begin freak out.

We both ran outside, only to find the dogs happily chasing the chickens around the chicken run. Not in an aggressive way, but as if they were playing with them. Because that’s exactly what they were doing! Barry and I calmly approached the chicken run and called the dogs out of the run. Then we counted the chickens. One, two, three, four, five…. Hmmm. Someone’s missing.

Red Sex Link Chickens

First, I decided to take the dogs inside. Then I headed back out into the yard to help Barry look for our missing chicken. She was nowhere to be found. But we were pretty sure she was still alive, since there was no evidence (ahem… blood, feathers, etc.) to the contrary. Finally, I noticed the dogs had tried to dig under the chicken coop. We have hog wire buried around the chicken coop, specifically to keep the dogs from going under it. But the chickens can still fit, and that’s where our missing chicken was!

It turns out only one of our chickens (Cecilia) actually has a sense of self-preservation, and took refuge under the chicken coop when the dogs “attacked.” Once located, she was easily lured out with some cracked corn. With all six chickens safe and sound, we closed the gate to the chicken run.

Chicken coop chicken run

Oh yea. That’s how the dogs got in this time. I forgot to close the darn gate!

So the chickens survived another potential massacre. I could have grabbed my camera and documented the entire episode, but I didn’t.

Bloodhounds Chickens
Photo from February 2014

Barry has decided the dogs are no longer a threat to the chickens, and we should let them back into the chicken run so that I can take some pictures. But I’m worried if we willingly let the dogs in they may act differently.

What do you think? Would you willingly let the dogs into the chicken coop?
I think I’ll just thank my lucky stars the chickens are still alive. Bear in mind Hank tried to bite their heads off when they were babies living in our garage.

10 thoughts on “Hank (and Scout) got into the chicken coop (again)….”

  1. “…But it was gone, all gone! No chickens! No chicken sandwiches! No chicken salad! No chicken gravy! chicken Hash! chicken a la King! Or gallons of chicken soup! Gone, ALL GONE…” (slightly modified)

    I wouldn’t trust putting them back in. Good move by Cecilia.

    Do you think the shock factor could cause them all to lay scrambled eggs for the next few days?


    1. Love the Christmas Story reference! 🙂 I definitely don’t trust them to go back in. I think I’ll just thank my lucky stars they’ve survived thus far.

      I guess we will find out on the scrambled eggs! Haha

  2. I would let the dogs and chickens interact under supervision if you trust your dogs will listen to you. You can let them know when they are too close. I think I told you before that I have a friend that has backyard chickens and her dog (British shepherd also name Hank!) is extremely protective of them. If people come over with another dog, Hank will guard the chickens. Its cute to watch.

    1. Unfortunately, I do not trust the dogs to listen to me. I think if one of them got a mind to go after one of the chickens in a harmful or aggressive way, they wouldn’t stop by me calling or yelling at them. It’s too bad, because your friends dog (love that he’s also Hank!) with the chickens sounds so cute. Especially the part about him guarding them from other dogs. Has Shrek been around them? What does he do? Or if he hasn’t been around them, what do you think he’d do?

  3. I’m with you. I would be too scared to let the dogs in with the chickens. So glad it ended well again, though. Yay for Hank and Scout 🙂

  4. Thank goodness the chickens are okay! Kudos to Cecilia for playing it smart!

    When I was little, my grandpa’s chickens just roamed around their chicken house freely and my dog completely ignored them. Hank and Scout might get bored with them if they had more access…

    1. I was very relieved! I think it’s possible that Hank and Scout would chill out if they got to interact with the chickens more. I’m just worried about losing a chicken during that process. Especially since we only have six.

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