Runners tell all: Running picture

This month’s Runners Tell All link up is all about sharing a running picture. It can be a favorite running picture, an official race photo, a snapshot, or even a selfie. When I read this month’s topic, a particular picture that many of you have seen before popped into my head immediately.

I snapped this picture last October during a 20 mile long run, as I prepared for my first marathon. I was running across one of the many bridges on the New River Trail and decided to pull my camera out and snap a quick picture. The crazy part is I had no idea this is what I had captured. I didn’t even look at the camera’s display, I just shut it off and put it back in my handheld water bottle pouch.

When I got home and uploaded the photos from that run, I was really surprised to find the above picture. It really captures the beauty of the region I live in and the sights you’ll see as you trek along the New River Trail.

Have you ever captured an amazing picture, purely by chance?

This is a monthly link-up for runners that poses a different topic each month. If you missed last month’s post, you can find that HERE. This link-up is hosted by Amanda @ The Lady Okie and Beka @Sunshine to the Square Inch. Click the icon below to get all of the details about these monthly link-up’s.

34 thoughts on “Runners tell all: Running picture”

  1. What an awesome picture. It’s so easy to forget to look at your surroundings when running, especially when you are exhausted and hurting and just want to get home!

    1. You’re so right. Sometimes I just want to put my head down and get through it, but I’d hate to miss a view like that one.

  2. So pretty! I also posted a picture today I took on my first 20-miler before my first marathon! I’m so glad I found your blog through the link-up because I graduated from VT in ’09 but I’m moving back in July to get another degree. I’m nervous about running up there but I guess with scenery like that, it can’t be so bad 🙂

    1. So many coincidences – first that you also posted a picture from your first 20 miler before your first marathon; second that you also graduated from VT. Small world! You have nothing to worry about. Running in the New River Valley area is great!

  3. That picture is UN.REAL. I agree with Laura- It’s so easy to just focus on your run and not look around at what you’re running past.

  4. What a beautiful image. There’s nothing quite like a perfect reflection on a still loch/lake/body of water. I’m glad you stopped to take the picture!!

  5. Holy cow! What a gorgeous picture! And so funny that you didn’t even realize how amazing it was until you looked at it again later!!

  6. I love this take on the link-up!! And that’s a beautiful picture. Running is that time for me when I just give myself a minute to stop and appreciate what I’m passing by. I’m so busy otherwise, it’s nicer to force yourself to take it all in!!

    1. That’s one of the things I love about running. How, no matter how busy you are, when you’re out on the trail everything else just seems to melt away.

  7. That is a great pic. I posted trail pics and explained that is the whole reason I live trail runs. There is no way something that beautiful can be associated with exercise lol

  8. Oh. My. Word.
    You don’t even want to know what my view is on my runs. Let’s just say it’s not like that. Stunning! I have only once had a camera with me on a run, but there have been a few times where I’ve wished I had one to document the sunrise or something like that. I will never forget running through a golf course in the early morning on a 16-miler. Snow had fallen the night before, and no one had been out so the snow was clean and fresh, and it was one of the prettiest things. It just made me love running so much and made my 16 miles feel like nothing. Thanks for linking up and sharing that lovely picture with us 🙂

    1. Your 16 miler through the golf course, with the fresh snow, sounds so peaceful and pretty! I bet it felt like the whole world belonged just to you in that moment.

      Thanks for hosting!

  9. That is soooo pretty! I think pretty scenery makes long runes more doable! Thanks for linking up and for sharing your awesome picture!

  10. This is an amazing picture – I love it! It must be a joy to run through such stunning landscapes, I think I could really enjoy that!

  11. What a great picture! Makes me homesick. I grew up in Roanoke but my husband is from Narrows, VA and went to VT. I love it when we head down his way – especially stopping at the Cascades or Mtn. Lake. I am new to trail running but discovered a trail race there in June – from the Cascades to Mtn. Lake – I think it is a 50K. I would love to try that next year.

    1. I love the Cascades and Mountain Lake. The latter always makes me think of Dirty Dancing, haha. I’ve heard of that trail race – I think it’s called the Eastern Divide? It looks like it would be a really pretty, but very challenging, race!

  12. What a beautiful locale. There are are so many places I’ve explored only via running. How wonderful you were able to capture this landscape as you were out training.

    1. I only started carrying my camera last year, but I really enjoy getting pictures during training runs and races. They’re great to have, and look back on.

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