Country Roads

Weekly Workout Roundup – April 21 – 27

Monday- 5 mile trail run at Claytor Lake State Park. After taking the day off of work to watch the Boston Marathon (don’t judge, I always end up losing leave at the end of the year anyway…), I decided I needed to actually get out for a run and make use of the day off. Plus, I had decided to join in on the Boston Marathon World Run.

Claytor Lake State Park Trail Run

It was a beautiful day outside, but also relatively hot (mid-70’s)! This was my second time running trails at Claytor Lake, and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. This time I ran on both of the trails I ran on last time, as well as another new-to-me trail. I love the views of the lake you can glimpse through the trees as you run.

Claytor Lake State Park

I also decided to wear my Hokas during this run. This was my first time wearing them on trails, and it went well. The reason I hadn’t before now was because of the increased risk of tripping (which I already do enough of on trails) due to the larger soles on the Hoka One One’s. I’m happy to report I only tripped the usual number of times, and no actual blood was shed during the run. Went for another mid-run selfie on a flat, smooth part of the trail. Don’t worry, I made sure no one was around to see me trip in case I fell while trying to take a picture of myself…


Tuesday- Cross training: 30 Day Shred Level 1 workout. I worked out in the morning before work, because I had minor oral surgery scheduled for that afternoon. It wasn’t a big deal, although I was plenty nervous about it (I’m not a big fan of dentists or anything related to dentists). I figured I wouldn’t feel up to working out in the evening afterwards, though, and I was right.

Wednesday- Rest day. I managed to stay off of pain meds and went to work as usual, but by the afternoon I wasn’t feeling so great. My left cheek was swollen and bruised, and I had a headache and felt like someone had punched me in the mouth. So I took some of the pain meds the surgeon sent me home with and took it easy on the couch with an ice pack on my face.

Thursday- Easy 3 mile run with Barry on the roads around our house. I wanted to run some hills to give my legs a heads up for Saturday’s race.

Country Roads

Friday- Rest. Picked up packets in Roanoke for the Blue Ridge Marathon.

Blue Ridge Marathon Packet Pickup

Saturday- Blue Ridge Half Marathon! It was a gorgeous day in Roanoke, if not a bit on the warm side. They added an extra mountain to the half marathon course, so it was even more challenging this year. I ran slower than last year, but faster than the first time I ran the race in 2012. You will have to wait until later this week for the full recap, though 🙂

Blue Ridge Half Marathon

Sunday- 3.8 mile walk/hike at Claytor Lake State Park with my dad. My legs were definitely sore from Saturday’s race, but it felt good to move around and get the blood flowing. It was such a gorgeous day to be outside, too.

Claytor Lake State Park

Total Miles: 25.01 miles 

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Roundup – April 21 – 27”

  1. Claytor Lake is a beautiful park. Highly recommend it for anyone in the area, even if it is just for a picnic.

    Anyone else notice the sign behind Meagan in the BRM picture? Guess we should all feel “welceme”

  2. Great trail run, looks like a beautiful area. Oral surgery, yikes, glad you had the pain meds. Look forward to the race recap from Saturday. Nice recovery run with dad, my legs always feel a ton better after a shake out run.

    1. It is a beautiful area! Not a whole lot of trails, but plenty to keep you busy for a short or medium-distance run. Race recap is ready for tomorrow morning!

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