Virginia Tech Massacre

We Are Virginia Tech

Today is the seventh anniversary of the shootings that happened at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, when I was a freshman. It’s something that still remains fresh in my mind, in varying degrees. It’s also something that comes to mind at the most random times. Last year, I shared about my personal experience.

VT ribbon

Each year, among other events held in memory, they hold a race on campus called the 3.2 Run in Remembrance. Last year I got to meet Deb & company at the race, and ran with them. This year I missed the race for the first time ever since it has been held, due to running the MC 17.75K, but I still represented my Hokies.

MC 17.75K Access Granted

The events of that day in 2007 are never an easy thing to think about, and are even more difficult to talk about, especially this time of year. But there is a lot of pride in being a Hokie, and there’s comfort in the outpouring of support that’s especially prevalent during the third week of April.

We are Virginia Tech

Take a moment today to remember the 32 individuals whose lives were lost that day, and to be grateful for the loved ones and friends in your life.

we remember

Today we are all Hokies. “While 32 of our friends and classmates are in Heaven trying to explain what a Hokie is, I stand here sure in the fact that I wouldn’t want to be anything else.”

April 16 (4/16) Run in Remembrance; Memorial and Burruss Hall
April 16th Memorial on campus

Appreciate life a little more, take in every moment around you, count your blessings, tell the people around you that you love them, slow down, remember what’s truly important in life. And live for those 32 that do not have that chance anymore.”

Never Forget

Let’s Go! HOKIES!


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