You know you’re a runner….

There are plenty of these floating around the web, but I decided to make my own list. Some are ones I’ve heard before and others are my own.  I ended up compiling about 20 of these, so I’ll be splitting it into two parts. Enjoy part 1!

You know you’re a runner when . . . .

Its 10 degrees, windy, and snowing but you still head out for your run either because your training plan says you have to, or because you have a friend waiting for you who’s just as crazy as you.

Discussing where you chafed on your run is acceptable dinner table conversation. 

You know the bond formed by hundreds of miles together with a friend.

You get up earlier on a Saturday for a long run than you do for work during the week.
You leave Power Gels and water for Santa instead of milk and cookies.

Instagram {turkeyrunner}

The sight of a porta potty has caused a chorus of “Hallelujah” to play in your head.

You are totally okay with sweaty high fives and sweaty hugs, when the moment calls for it. 
You see a sign on the interstate and think to yourself “I could run that far.”

Friday nights are for carbo-loading and going to bed early.

Your long run doubles as your social hour… or two…  or three.

You enjoy, and even welcome, that tired feeling in your legs that lasts the rest of the weekend after your long run. 
Finish the sentence: You know you’re a runner when . . . .

11 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner….”

    1. My dad thinks its so ridiculous how he will pass a group of runners on the trail when he’s biking and they are just jabbering away, particularly women.

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