Runners tell all: My running story

Last week, I read about Deb’s Running Story as part of a Runners Tell All link-up. This is a monthly link up for runners, with a different topic each month. This month’s link-up is how and why you started running, in 250 words or less. Here’s my story:

While I was growing up, I always ran. But I never ran to just run. I ran for soccer and for swimming, and in high school I added field hockey to the list. The only time I was on a track was for the dreaded Mile Monday. Running for more than 20 minutes straight seemed preposterous. I knew nothing of road races, and actually thought the only adults who ran were the ones that did it as a profession.

I did not pursue any of my childhood sports in college and found myself with a large void to fill the fall of my freshman year, in 2006. Intramural soccer helped, but I was looking for something more. Then I found out about the local chapter of Team in Training, and ventured out to an interest meeting shortly after I had returned from winter break. I loved the atmosphere, the idea of fundraising for a cause (my grandfather is a Leukemia survivor), and the daunting task of training for a half marathon. I had a great experience with TNT and after completing my first half marathon in April 2007, which was also my first road race, I was hooked.

Since then, I have completed one full marathon, eleven half marathons, a handful of 10 milers, a couple of 10K’s, and countless 5K’s. I fully intend for running to be a lifelong activity for me. Running has taught me so much and I can’t wait to see what adventures lay ahead.  

Ha! Got it done in 249 words.
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What got you into running?

Have you ever fund-raised for a charity?

12 thoughts on “Runners tell all: My running story”

  1. Great story, Meagan; and thanks for the shout out! I’ve coached for fund-raiser marathons, but I haven’t participated as a runner. A lot of my friends have, though.

  2. You have ran so many races! That’s really great that your grandpa is a survivor and that you ran with TNT! Thanks for sharing your story with us and for linking up.

  3. Wow! You’ve been running for a while and have run so many races! That’s very cool. I’ve run 7 half marathons so far and definitely want to get up to 10 soon 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. The half marathon is my favorite distance 🙂 By the way- sorry about your icon being messed up. I have no idea how to fix it, but if you have any ideas of things I can do on my end let me know!

    2. I think it’s my fault. I deleted my Google plus account. No worries! I don’t need a pretty picture by my name. LOL

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