True to form

Well it looks like my first trail race ever is going to be a half marathon. I guess it’s fitting, since my first road race ever was a half marathon back in April 2007.

FYI- my official time was 2:07. That tells you how long it took my corral to cross the start line!

I have done my best to prepare myself for this race, by doing a handful of long runs on trails. I would have liked to get some actual trail race experience with a shorter race, but it just didn’t work out. There is a nearby trail 10K this weekend, but it looks to be a very challenging course and I was worried about wearing out my legs the weekend before the trail half. Not to mention the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler got rescheduled to this Sunday due to snow. So that takes up this weekend. Plus I’m running another half marathon the weekend after the trail half.

March 8
March 16

I had an amazing experience at my first road race, and it got me hooked on half marathons. I’m hoping I’ll have a similar experience with my first trail race. Bring it on Green Legs and Hamstrings Half Marathon. Even if I end up lost in the woods, I’ll still love the name of this race!

Tips for running a race on trails. Ready… go!
I’m worried about the fact that a lot of the race is on single track trails, and I don’t want to get in anyone’s way.
If you run trails, tell me about your first trail race. 

8 thoughts on “True to form”

  1. My first trail race was 17.1 miles that gained well over 5K feet altitude and took us to a pass well over 13K feet outside of Telluride. It was a great hike!

    1. That sounds like a beast of a race for your first trail race! I wish I had some idea what to expect on what the elevation will be like for my first trail race. Maybe it’s better to go in blind, though.

  2. So excited for your first trail race! Don’t worry about the single track. Like any race, people will spread out, and most trails are still wide enough for people to pass without a problem. Otherwise, just step to the side if someone asks you to pass.

  3. You’ll do great. I think a 1/2 on the TM is harder than a trail one, at least mentally!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! I didn’t know your first road race was a 1/2–that’s amazing!!

  4. Good luck! Even though it seems single track, I’ll bet people will be able to get past you most places if they want to. Just don’t hurt yourself getting out of their way… My first trail race was the JFK 50-Miler and included 17 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

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