Weekly Workout Roundup – Feb. 10 – 16

Happy President’s Day! Or as it is know here in Virginia- Happy George Washington Day! Either way, I have the day off of work, which is nice. There has been lots of Winter Olympics watching going on lately, and plenty of cross training. I didn’t actually run outside at all this week, due to the weather and late days at work, but I still got in some miles.  

Monday- 30 day shred workout: day 6, level 1

Tuesday- 30 day shred workout: day 7, level 1. I had planned to run in the evening after work, but I didn’t get home until 7:00 and still had to cook dinner, so I bagged the run.

Wednesday- AM: 30 day shred workout: day 8, level 1. This is what Hank and Scout did while I worked out in the morning:

That’s pretty much what they do every morning that I workout. The only difference is that I usually workout in the living room, instead of the basement, so they’re usually both asleep on our living room couches.

PM: 4 miles on the treadmill while the snow came down heavy outside. I decided to make this a mini-tempo run and ran the two middle miles in 9:18 and 9:09. I also discovered that the Winter Olympics are pretty good entertainment while running on the treadmill.

Thursday- AM: 30 day shred, day 9 level 1 workout.

PM #1: 3 mile easy run on the treadmill

PM #2: Dug my personal and work vehicles out of 18 inches of snow and then shoveled our driveway. This probably would have been enough on it’s own for the day. Good thing I did this last.

Friday- 30 day shred, level 1 workout. This was day 10 of the program, and my last day at level one.

Saturday- The Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler was supposed to be today, but it got canceled due to the weather. I was on my own to do my long run. So I did a 13.1 mile run on the treadmill in the early afternoon. The snow and wind kept me inside, but Remember the Titans and Jurassic Park kept me entertained.

After my run I ate a bowl of vegetable soup. Does anyone ever put the full cup of water that condensed soups call for? I feel like that makes it too watery and usually only add 1/4 to 1/3 of a can of water. Anyway, I ate my soup while I watched Sixteen Candles. Then it was time to get my 30 day shred workout in. It was day 11, and the first day at level 2. I got it done, but my energy level was nowhere near where it usually is.

Sunday- I considered doing an easy run, but ended up deciding not to. I was a bit sore from Saturday’s long run. Plus my shins were feeling good, and I didn’t want to cross the line after they held up so well on my long run. Name that movie!

I did get my level 2 workout for the 30 day shred in, of course. This was day twelve. However, I did not do my workout until the evening. Although I do enjoy running and working out, I don’t like leaving it until the end of my day on the weekend because it kind of hangs over my head all day. It felt good to have it done.

Total Miles: 20.1 miles

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