Snow! And lots of it.

First of all, I feel like I should say Happy Valentine’s Day! Now that we got that out of the way….

We got a whole lot of snow dumped on us over the past two days. The snow started on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t let up until Thursday evening.

Thursday morning, before we got another 10 hours worth of snow

In the morning I did my 30 day shred, level 1 workout. Then I worked from home all day because there was no way I could drive. Our road never even got plowed until around noon. In the afternoon I did an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill and then got down to digging out my work and personal vehicles and shoveling our driveway. I probably could have done without the two earlier workouts because the shoveling wore me out.

Hank and Scout wore themselves out as well, playing outside in the snow numerous times throughout the day.

Sometimes he thinks he’s a pointer

She copies Hank

As pleased as Hank and Scout were with the snow, that’s how displeased the chickens were. The poor things were actually snowed in, because we had so much snow it was covering the door to their chicken run. Not that they go out in the snow, though.

When I opened the main door to the coop and asked if they wanted to come out in the snow they said no we don’t and please shut the door!

That was as much as I could get the door open

The cows behind our house also did not seem very pleased with the snow. Usually they run off when Hank or Scout charge the fence, but today they just stood there.

Barry got a good picture of the cows last night, when they were right up against the fence. A few felt like posing and stood and stared straight at him. Probably hoping he’d bring them inside…

So far we still have power. Fingers crossed it stays on! The snow has stopped, but now it’s super windy. We’re supposed to get some more snow tonight. As a result of all the snow (I think we got around 18 inches) tomorrow’s 10 mile race has been postponed.

Did you get any snow as a result of this storm? If so, how much?

Have you ever had a race get postponed or canceled? 

If you have pets, do they like the snow?  

9 thoughts on “Snow! And lots of it.”

  1. Wow! I think Virginia is beating Colorado in snowfall this year! We’ve had a lot but not a lot at a time. I want to be snowed in one day :)I love that the chicken refused to come outside and requested you shut their door immediately. Shrek is a snow dog and goes crazy. He eats it and rolls around in it. What a dog. Enjoy that snow! It is 60 degrees here this weekend!

    1. We’ve got a head start, but I’m sure ya’ll will surpass us before the year is done. This is the time of year when we usually get the most snow.

  2. We got a ton of snow here, too! My girls have been home for three days straight, and the cabin fever is at dangerously high levels! MacAfee loves to run zoomies in the snow and then come in and crash for the rest of the day.

  3. That’s a ton of snow! We didn’t get any from that storm I don’t think. Looks like the pups had a blast!! I wonder if it bothers them that they can’t sniff around as much.Our friends in town who have chickens just had their coop burn down. So sad. 😦

    1. It doesn’t seem to, as they still do plenty of sniffing! Hank is constantly trying to locate all of his tennis balls in the yard. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your friends’ chicken coop. That’s very sad 😦

  4. Phoebe loves the snow and frolics around in it like she’s a puppy. She’s not. :(The cows staring at Barry are hilarious.Ellie is away for the weekend and told me I should stop by and get her hen’s eggs. I’m not sure how long they’re good, if I just TAKE them out of the nests (feels like stealing)… this is all so new!

    1. Aww poor Phoebe. It’s hard when they get older, but still want to run around like puppies to play. I’m a little late responding, but the eggs usually last for about 2 months. However, I’m not sure if it’s hot outside how frequently they should be collected. We got our every day during the summer. And yes- you have to just take them out of the next, and it’s exactly like stealing! But the chickens are used to it, that’s the norm for them. Our chickens like to walk up the ramp to the nesting boxes and watch us while we take the eggs out (using the side hatch door). They’re funny, they’ll just stand there and watch.

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