Happy Bloggi-versary!

Today is my one year blogging anniversary! I don’t have any cool giveaways or anything to celebrate this milestone, like Amy did for her one year anniversary. But I thought it would be fun to share the Google searches that have led to my blog over the past year. I think some people may have found what they were looking for, while others definitely did not.

1. turkeyrunner.blogspot.com, 67 entries
I don’t know who is searching for my blog this way, but wouldn’t it just be easier to type that into the address bar? I’m pretty sure they found what they were looking for, though. At least, it worked 67 times.

2. bend and snap, 18 entries
Out of 300-some posts I have done in the past year I had one sentence in one post that mentioned the bend and snap, in reference to walk-out push ups that you do during level 2 of the 30 day shred. Google sure did latch on to that one… Maybe it’s because I put ‘bend and snap’ in the title?

3. duck dynasty, 13 entries
I’m wondering how far down on the search results list you have to go to find my blog when you Google ‘duck dynasty.’ Either way, I did mention Duck Dynasty a handful of times in the past year when referencing my favorite TV show. 

4. blue ridge marathon review, 6 entries
These folks may have found what they were looking for, as I did a review of the Blue Ridge Half Marathon after I ran it for the second time last April. I’m pretty sure the marathon covers most of the half marathon course, so hopefully it was helpful.


5. hound dog, 6 entries
I do have two lovable, slobbery 100+ pound babies that happen to be bloodhounds. I even once did a whole post with facts all about bloodhounds. We also celebrated Hank’s third birthday and Scout’s first birthday and I did posts centered around them on those dates. 

6. virginia beach boardwalk, 4 entries
I spent a week in Virginia Beach last April and did all of my running that week on and around the concrete boardwalk. If anything, these folks at least found some pictures of what the Virginia Beach boardwalk looks like.

7. bloodhound puppies, 3 entries
I have two of those. They’re full grown now, but I still refer to them as my puppies. I hope that hasn’t caused any confusion.

Hank’s litter on the left, Scout’s litter on the right

8. got to go running, 3 entries
Funny, I had a post called ‘I got to go running!’  after I had a shin pain scare late during marathon training. One weekend I had a 14 mile run turn into two miles, but after taking a week off I was able to meet up with my running buddy and get in a 10 mile run.

9. run towards me, 3 entires
Any ideas what they might have actually been looking for?

10. fastest runner in turkey, 2 entries
They definitely did not find what they were looking for. The name of my blog actually comes from my being a Hokie Alumni and a big Virginia Tech fan, as well as a runner.  

I’m kind of bummed I did an entire series on chickens and no one found my blog when Googling chicken-related search entities. I guess there’s room for improvement in year two!

If you’re a blogger, how long have you had your blog?

17 thoughts on “Happy Bloggi-versary!”

  1. Happy blogiversary to you! I started my blog on January 31, and I can’t believe how many of us started at about the same time.Seriously? There were no search results from your chicken series?

    1. It’s crazy! I had no idea we all started around the same time until all of these anniversaries stared popping up. No searches for chickens led to my blog! boo lol

  2. Happy Blogiversary, Meagan! So glad we connected last year. I’m quickly approaching my one-year mark too (coming in March!), and I’m hoping to arrange some fun posts & surprises to celebrate. I’ve had some hilarious Google searches show up in my stats. Early on I did a lot of posts about breastfeeding, and people search for some strange things with the term breastfeeding! I also wrote about my experience at the ‘garment-free’ Friedrichsbad spa in Germany, and I’ve gotten some very weird (and sometimes X-rated) search terms from that post! I’ll have to do a post like this when my blogiversary is closer.

  3. Happy blogiversary!!! I’m so glad we could meet at the 3.2 race last year!I still need to post about mine haha – I definitely missed it!

  4. Happy blogiversary!! I love your idea of sharing your most common searches. My mom ALWAYS types in the address she’s going to in the Google search bar instead of the address bar. Maybe she visited your blog that many times. LOLI love the variety on your blog–running, your family, your favorite decorations, your chickens, etc! Keep up the fun blog!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! No worries on not having a fancy giveaway-they really can be a pain. I think #10 is my favorite. You sure you aren’t the fastest runner in Turkey!? Hehehe. And its funny you got Turkey related posts, but no chickens ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We love your chickens nonetheless! Oh and sometimes if you start to type the name of a blog in the URL, your browser will recognize it, add the remaining characters, and then it appears as a search if you are using Chrome, which does automatic google searches.

    1. I’m pretty sure I’m not, but you never know! Never mind the fact that I’ve never actually been to, nor am I from, Turkey. Thanks for the heads up about Chrome. Maybe that is what led to that very first one.

  6. Happy bloggiversary!!! Hahaha..I remember the Bend and Snap reference. That’s funny that it brought people to your blog =). I am always so in love with Hank and Scout’s puppy photos!

    1. Apparently all you have to do is put a phrase in the title of your post and put one sentence about it in the actual post, and you’ll come up in searches. Go figure! I am so in love with their puppy photos, too, even now ๐Ÿ™‚ They just melt my heart.

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