“An Arctic airmass has invaded the region”

Like a lot of people across the country, we are experiencing some crazy cold weather today. But lets back up to Sunday night when things got started. That’s when the wind started howling and the snow started blowing. Howling wind translates into me not being able to sleep all night. So I spent all day yesterday exhausted from that and took a complete rest day, which works since I hadn’t taken a rest day since last Tuesday anyway.

In case you didn’t see enough dashboard pictures on Instagram today…

It also worked because Barry and I had to spend a lot of time trying to get things situated for the chickens. Long story short: the heat tape we had on the old, plastic 5 gallon waterer got turned up too high and burned a hole through the plastic. We had to get a new waterer for the chickens and had to figure out someway to keep it from freezing in these cold temperatures. More to come on that, as well as a chicken update, in the not-too-distant future.

It was still really windy last night, but I was able to get a little bit more rest due in part to my being exhausted from lack of sleep and my illicit use of night time cold medicine. I still woke up a bunch of times from the wind, but in general it did the trick. Once I got home from work it was time for a run. There was no way that run was going to happen outside today. Here’s why:

“An Arctic airmass has invaded the region” !!!
You know it’s going to be cold when the official weather warning uses the words “bitter cold” and “dangerous” when referring to the wind. As it turns out, it felt like -31 degrees with the windchill this morning. Jeano I know you get annoyed when people complain about it being cold, but it was seriously cold!
In the interest of keeping all ten toes and staying out of the hospital, I went for a 6 mile run with Sven. After being cold all day, it felt really good to sweat while running next to the wood stove in the heat of our basement.
And I cooked a pot roast for dinner, because that’s what you do when an Arctic airmass invades the region.
Sorry if it doesn’t look all that appetizing. I have a hard time taking decent pictures of food. If only you could tell from the picture how delicious it smells!
Did an Arctic airmass invade your region today? 
When it gets this cold, do you brave the temperatures and head outside or do you find something else to do inside?
What is your go to it’s-freezing-outside meal?

12 thoughts on ““An Arctic airmass has invaded the region””

  1. DC is cold. Records broken all over the city. I just heard them say on the news that all 50 states had freezing temps today. I was outside as little as possible today. Glad I park in a garage at work. My go to food when it is cold? Bourbon.LUD

  2. The polar vortex struck our region too, with temps bottoming out at -4 and windchills much colder. My daughters’ daycare has been closed for the past two days, so it’s been an absolutely mad house. I’m hoping everything re-opens tomorrow (although several school systems have already cancelled). I need a normal work day and a good sweat session on the treadmill. I don’t mind winter running, but I like my fingers & toes too!

    1. I hope you get some peace and quiet so you can get through a productive day’s work! The kids here were out of school today, too, due to the cold temperatures.

  3. Don’t mind me, I’m just the crotchety old woman that yells at all the kids on her lawn and hates fun.That stew looks awesome!Temperatures here are super mild. I don’t know what it’s normally like this time of year, but we’ve been between 35-45 degrees. Unfortunately, it poured for the first time in months (that I’ve seen) this afternoon. That must mean the monsoons are coming…

  4. Aren’t you glad you have Sven?I didn’t check the temperature until about 8 AM and it was 2 degrees then. It got up to 15 this afternoon so I went out for a 6-mile run. We had a slight breeze so our wind chill wasn’t so bad. Mom said that it got down to -7 at her house last night!I love making beef stew when it’s super cold, but today I made crockpot cream cheese chicken chili that I saw on HRG’s blog. It was delicious! I think she linked to it over the weekend.

    1. Thanks, Tina! It did smell delicious. There’s nothing better than getting home from work and smelling dinner that has been cooking in the crock pot all day.

  5. Yay for Sven! And Yay for pot roast to keep you warm! The weather has been crazy lately, but we are avoiding a lot of the extremes in CO–we just had these cold days back in December! Stay warm and dry and out of the wind. Glad you were able to take precautions for the chickens!

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