Things I did during the holidays

During the holidays Barry and I traveled to visit his family and mine. I love getting to see everyone and spending time with family is one of my favorite things about the holidays. I kind of went on blog hiatus, aside from a few planned posts, during our travels. We did a number of fun things during that time, so I thought I’d do a recap.

While visiting Barry’s family, we ventured down into Tennessee to eat dinner at The Farmer’s Daughter. Barry’s parents have raved about this restaurant, so I was really excited to go! The food was served family-style, meaning everything was placed on the tables on platters and in bowls, and it was delicious! We started out with warm, fresh bread and cornbread. Then the main course arrived: fried chicken, steak and gravy, and country ham along with at least ten sides. I tried a few new foods that I hadn’t had before, including carrot souffle and cornbread salad. I was stuffed when we were done! The Farmer’s Daughter is also where Larry the Quilt Lamb came from.

I failed to take my own picture,

While visiting my family we went to a couple of family get-togethers. This is the only time of year that I see most of my extended family, so it was great catching up and spending time together.

Me, with my cousin and little sister posing as Nana’s angels at my uncle’s house

One night we headed out to the movies to see American Hustle. I usually only end up going to the movie theaters twice a year, but in 2013 I went three times! I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was funny, but at the same time it kept me guessing all the way up until the end. Jennifer Lawrence was wonderful and hilarious in her role, as were the other four main characters. It was definitely not a family friendly movie, though, so don’t take your kids to see it.

We watched a few other movies at home in the evenings, including Red I highly recommend this movie. Bruce Willis is great (as usual) and John Malkovich is hilarious. We liked it so much that we rented Red 2 the next day. It was alright, but not as good as the first one.

We were able to get out to the W&OD Trail for a run late one afternoon! I was surprised that I felt so good during this run. We had attended a brunch at my uncle’s house that morning and I was still full from biscuits and an egg/spinach breakfast casserole. I think a big part of feeling good was just being back on an old trail where I ran lots of miles and have lots of memories. This is a picture my dad took for Deb when her son Joseph ran the entire W&OD Trail (45 Miles!!) last July. It’s at the same spot where we started our run during the holidays, only it wasn’t this bright or green!

On the drive home from visiting my family, I finished reading Allegiant. I would have played “Ask Barry Insane Conversation Starter Questions” while he drove, but someone stole it from me…. not that I’m still bitter or anything. You’ve probably heard/read a lot of things about the third book of the Divergent Trilogy at this point. Don’t worry- no spoilers here. I did not enjoy the third book as much as I enjoyed the first two, but that seems to be the norm with trilogies. The same was true for me when I read The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very happy with how Allegiant ended, but that’s just my personal opinion. It’s definitely a series I’ll read again. There’s just so much detail, and I bet I’ll pick up on a lot more reading the series through a second time.

So those are all of the exciting things I did over the holidays- I ate good food, spent time with loved ones, finished a book, and watched movies! I guess this post could have really been about three sentences long. But that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

What movies have you watched recently? Seen anything good in the theaters?

What did you do over the holidays?

6 thoughts on “Things I did during the holidays”

  1. It sounds like you had a great Christmas with your families! I love the picture of you, your sister, and cousin with your Nana!I’m with you on going to the movies. We saw Despicable Me 2 this summer, but that was the first movie I’d seen at a theater in several years. It’s just so expensive, and NetFlix is so easy!I can’t wait until the W&OD Trail looks like that again (and thanks for the shout-out). I’m stuck inside today because of freezing rain. It’s the worst!

    1. I gave my sister a plush minion for Christmas that laughs and says other minion things when you squeeze him 🙂 The minions make me laugh every time! I cannot wait until the green comes back, either! One week after all the green comes back we will be complaining of the heat… haha. Never content.

  2. I think the last movie I saw in a theater was about 2.5 years ago! I would rather veg on the couch and be comfortable in my sweats than sit next to strangers and listen to them chomping on popcorn the entire time. But when I was in high school, my friends and I always went to the cheap movie theater. Glad you had a great holidays season with your families 🙂

    1. Same here. Movies have gotten ridiculously expensive lately. Although we do have a cheap movie theater near by that picks two or so current movies each month, which allows them to keep things simple and keep their costs down.

  3. looks like you had a wonderful holiday season!! yay! it’s always so great being able to spend it with lots of family and that restaurant’s name made me laugh. i dunno why, but sounds like the food way aaaamazing. and holy cow, that’s crazy cool that he ran the whole 45mile trail!!

    1. I love being able to spend time with family around the holidays. I know right!? He just decided he was going to do it, so he did! Amazing.

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