Thank goodness for treadmills

Yesterday it was dark and windy outside when I got home from work, so I hopped on treadmill for a 3 mile run. I kept it easy because I was really sore from the new workout I did on Wednesday. That’s a good thing, though! I spent a long time stretching after that run.
I was exhausted all day today after being kept awake most of the night by the insane 40 mph winds. I was convinced our windows were going to blow in at times, because the wind just never seemed to let up. It was ridiculously cold and windy all day (temp’s below zero with wind chill). I felt like I needed to bundle up like Randy from ‘A Christmas Story’ to stay warm.
All I really wanted to do after work was stay inside and go to sleep. I stayed inside, but figured I’d be better off getting a workout in and then going to bed early. So I got in a decent 4 mile run with miles 2-4 under 10 minute/mile pace. 

I’ve actually really bonded with ‘Sven’ and going for a run on the treadmill is no longer about survival. I find a good TV show or movie to watch or I’ll rock out to some jams. If I do start to get bored, I just play with the speed and incline. I think the extra cushion from the treadmill is helping my shins as well, because they’ve been feeling really good lately. I’ve been diligent about icing and stretching to try and keep things that way.
I’m hoping to hit the trails with Barry tomorrow. We will be waiting until the afternoon so it can warm up a bit. In the winter I often wait to do my long run until late morning or early afternoon so that its not as cold. 

Are you experiencing Arctic weather?
It’s going to be cold, windy, and snowy for the next week or so.
 If you use a treadmill, have you found that your tolerance for it increases over time?
Do you go for your long run/workout later in the day during the winter?

12 thoughts on “Thank goodness for treadmills”

  1. Yay for Sven when you have 40 mph winds outside! Yeesh! It was nice and warm here today, but we are getting snow tomorrow. And yes, I do not like getting up early to run in the cold in the winter! Only in the summer when it actually benefits me to get up and run at 5 am!

  2. Bill and I were just talking about the need to buy a treadmill last night… I have an elliptical and a stationary bike for my clients (and us), but I’m sure we would use a treadmill even more. I canceled our Cruisers run early this morning because it was supposed to be 10 degrees. Now I’m reading blogs while I wait for it to warm up a little so I can go out (sadly alone) for my run. I really dislike not running as soon as I get up, but it was the right thing to do today! Stay safe on your run!

    1. I prefer to run first thing on the weekends, but sometimes it just works out better (especially in the winter) to wait for it to warm up a bit.

  3. If I can, I’d rather run when it’s warmer, too. Although I really can’t complain since it’s not usually too cold in the winter time in Texas. Cold is much better than hot and humid!

    1. It looks like y’all did get the colder weather that we experienced across the country, though! I’ll take cold over hot/humid any day.

  4. Today is great, but arctic weather is definitely on the way! Glad you’re bonding w/ your treadmill. I don’t mind mine, but if it’s a treadmill run vs. runs w/ friends, I’ll always wait for friends!

  5. I love running on my treadmill!!! Between watching shows on the DVR and playing with my speed I am always entertained. Glad you are getting along with yours!

  6. I am not a fan of my treadmill unless I have something insanely interesting to watch or if I am doing a prescribed workout. :/ I need to work on that.Those temps and that wind! Yikes! Leaving MI with sub-zero temps made my day today (50+ degrees and sunny) in Flagstaff seem outright balmy!

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