Marvin the Moose is out of the closet

This morning I headed up to Roanoke for the Jingle Bell 5K. When I got to town the road to the parking garage where I usually park was closed. They moved packet pick up to a building on the corner next to the start line, and I guess they had the surrounding roads closed for extra safety. I found another parking garage, and with 20 minutes until race time I ran over to packet pick up and got my packet, as well as Barry’s. He couldn’t run today since he had to work (so I didn’t get to test my theory that he’d be so annoyed by the jingle bells he’d win the race!). I dashed back to my car with 10 minutes until the start. I quickly pinned on my bib and took off back to the start. I made it with about 3 minutes to spare and lined up, as it began sleeting.

The race started just after 9 AM and we were off. I totally forgot how hilly this race actually is. It’s an out and back course that goes over two bridges and one other hill. There is a downhill finish, though. My shins were painful during the first mile, but then the pain went away during miles 2-3. I didn’t push hard on this race, although I felt out of shape from my lack of running lately. I crossed the finish line in 30:31 and as soon as I stopped running my shins started to hurt again. Very strange. Overall the race was a lot of fun, despite the sleet and rain. I really enjoy all of the jingle bells (they had them on ribbons to tie on your shoelaces this year- so no shoelace slicing, Holly!) and the festive costumes.

Red shirt, red/white/green striped socks, and jingle bells tied to my shoelaces

Once I got home I randomly realized I forgot something when I decorated for Christmas last weekend. Marvin the Moose! Barry hid him in a closet, but I found him.

If you will recall, I found Marvin in a catalog and knew he was made for me. The catalog’s description was “Marvin the Moose has tons of personality and is the perfect way to greet holiday guests.” SOLD! That’s some great marketing right there, and I needed a Christmas moose.

So Marvin has taken up residence in our front yard as of this morning. It was 32 degrees and sleeting when I put Marvin outside. I bet he is wishing he was back in the closet. Since I was late putting him outside, I’ll be leaving him in the yard until February to make it up to Marvin (take that, Barry! Try to hide my Christmas moose from me…..).

Have you ever had to scramble on race morning to make it to the start line on time?
I think I added on an extra mile for the day with all of my running back and forth.
Are you doing/did you do a holiday race this year?

13 thoughts on “Marvin the Moose is out of the closet”

  1. I’ve done the “dash to the start” many an evening, sliding to the Start Line of a local (to Rochester) series of trail races, held on weekday evenings, within 5 minutes of the gun. Getting out of work on time was always a struggle, so I was ALWAYS arriving at the last second. Thankfully, the races didn’t really have a ‘packet’, so I just snagged my bib, pinned it on, and off I went!!And I somehow closed the post on shin pain, but I’m gonna go with your Dad…I’m thinking it might be time to have it looked at. I don’t really like throwing around potential diagnoses (no MD or PT degree here), but the timing/onset of your pain is a bit weird, and it’s curious that it doesn’t exactly scale with effort or distance. While you’re between training cycles, might be a good time to confirm there’s nothing more serious at play.Glad the shoelaces were safe!!!

    1. That dash to the start is no fun! At least in your case it was just a matter of snagging a bib. I’m a stubborn person, but I’m on the same page as you about getting my shins looked at. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do so until after the near year, due to my work schedule this week and our travel plans. I need to find a sports med doc who treats runners!

    2. I know there aren’t a lot of runners in your immediate area, but if there’s a running store ANYWHERE even remotely close to where you live, then I’d suggest checking with them. Usually, they’re staffed by runners (most of whom have dealt with some injury, at some point), and they see lots of runners every day (most of whom have ALSO been injured at some point).I don’t think another 2.5 weeks will be a big deal – this has been going on for awhile now. Just try to clear some time to take care of yourself in early 2014, PLEASE! ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Thanks, Holly! We do have a running store about 40 minutes from us, where I often get my shoes and long run fuel. The next time I am in I will have to start up a conversation. I’m always kind of intimated about talking much with the employees, because they’re all these super-fast, marathon and ultra runners. I just feel out of their league, as silly as it sounds.

    4. Well, you probably want the experienced folks working with and advising you, to be honest.And in every store, there will likely be a variety of styles (even if all the folks are super fast) – some people really like working with brand new runners; other people like working with folks such as yourself (some experience, but not expert); others only really like working with the speedsters. The trick is finding the right person. And remember – they work with people at ALL levels, every day. You’re certainly not the most inexperienced/slowest/least informed person they’ve dealt with this week. Or even today.You know what you’re feeling – and to be honest, it will probably confuse most of them, too – so they’ll be eager to refer you to someone with more training, who might be able to help you more. You have more than enough “right” to be in the store. Go for it!

  2. I wondered where Marvin the Moose was when you posted your pictures of Christmas decorations a few days ago! Bill and I got to the DC Marathon about a minute before it started one year. And somehow walked right up to where our friend was watching for us (before everyone carried a mobile phone). We were cutting it close! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Finally Marvin found his way to the front yard. I did see him in that closet over Thanksgiving. Didn’t know he had been hidden. Thought that was just a staging area.In the holiday race every day between now and Christmas.LUD.

    1. That was the closest I’ve ever cut it to a race start, and I don’t really care to do it again! I felt flustered the whole day, haha. It threw off my groove ๐Ÿ™‚

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