Not cool, man.

Before we get into the heavy, I wanted to share some good news. My running buddy, Kim, and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the world on Wednesday afternoon. She weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches long! I am looking forward to having a new little buddy along for our long runs. Maybe if I act like a mature adult, Kim will let me take a turn pushing the stroller!

So, now the not cool part. My shins are acting up on me again. They started bothering me after my run last Thursday. I took Friday off, but stubbornly insisted on doing my long run Saturday. It was cold, but other than that the weather was favorable and I just couldn’t pass up a chance to explore the trails. So I went for my run, and my shins hurt throughout, but I had a good time. Sunday morning it was very painful to walk, especially down the stairs. Now I haven’t run since last Saturday and my shins are still painful just when I’m walking. I’ve been doing some cross training this week, including my daily planks, but my motivation to do something other than run is kind of low.
The problem is that I love to run, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into loving exercise in general. You know that whole if A=B and B=C, that doesn’t necessarily mean A is equal to C? Yea well if Meagan=running=exercise that doesn’t mean Meagan=exercise. I’m trying to maintain a good routine. I’m frustrated, though. There were times in marathon training where I didn’t want to run because it felt like that was all I was doing. Now the race has come and gone and I’m in that glorious after-race period where you don’t have a training plan to follow and you just go out and run because you love it. But right now I’m not getting to do that. Yes, it’s only been since Saturday since I haven’t run and yes, I’m being a little dramatic. Did I mention I haven’t run since Saturday? I’ll be over dramatic if I want.
I am signed up for a Jingle Bell 5K this weekend and I’m still planning to go run it. I missed last year’s race because I was sick and I don’t want to miss out this year on a race centered around my favorite time of year. I’ll probably run the race because my shins hurt as much when I’m running as they do when I’m walking. Did I mention my shins are hurting a lot even when I’m just walking? Especially my right one.
There are dreams of races floating around in my head for 2014. I have some overall goals for the year, but I also just want to go do some races for the enjoyment of running. The idea was that I would build a good base this winter and then run a bunch of races throughout the spring without actually following any kind of formal training plan. Once summer hits it will be time to buckle down and train for another attempt at the marathon, so spring was/is really going to be my play time. But how am I supposed to be prepared when my shins will not cooperate? Why do I keep going through this cycle of them feeling fine and then all of a sudden sidelining me again? What have I done to anger the running gods!?  
Any helpful input would be much appreciated!
Runners can be very stubborn beings, but it can also be hard to get a good perspective when you’re up close and personal with the situation at hand.
Tell me something funny or happy from your week.
I trained a new employee all week this week at work, and she was really sweet, smart, and great to work with. I am excited to have her as a coworker!    

12 thoughts on “Not cool, man.”

  1. Sore shins – you may want to seek professional help.Happy – I went to traffic court yesterday and beat a ticket – which I didn’t deserve in the first place.Cross Training – Next week is cookie week.LUD.

    1. Glad you beat the ticket! Typical city cops trying to get drivers to just admit guilt to bogus tickets. Hope your cookie week goes well! I did two batches of gingerbread men this weekend and it wore me out. That decorating is no joke!

  2. Oh Meagan! I feel you because I was in the exact same spot last week. No injuries but fighting a nasty cold. If you haven’t already, you need to read my love letter to running. You’ll know EXACTLY what I mean!Just remember that you just ran a marathon, and your body needs time to heal. Running will be waiting for you when you’re healthy. Maybe you can hit the pool a bit while you’re resting up those shins.

    1. I haven’t gotten to read your love letter to running, yet. Hopefully I will this evening! I got really behind on blog reading this past week due to late evenings for work and a long holiday to-do list.

  3. Maybe you need to see a doc? PT? Athletic trainer? I would hate to see you with stress fractures (is that terrible to say)! Ice, elevate, rest. That’s what Glenn says. Also, Ibuprofen. FEEL BETTER, my friend!

    1. I agree with you, Stephanie. I’m not sure that it’s a stress fracture, unless the symptoms can vary a lot, because I’ve had a stress fracture in my shin before (go figure). Definitely would be good to get a professional opinion on what’s going on, though.

  4. Oh my gosh, I am exactly like you. I love running but hate all other forms of exercise! I always say I run because I’m too lazy to do anything else, and no one seems to understand what I’m talking about.Big bummer about the shins. 😦 Ditto on seeing a doc if they don’t get better soon just to make sure!!

    1. Running is the best and it’s just so convenient and I enjoy it so much more than anything else. There’s at least one person that get’s what you’re talking about 🙂 I have a soft spot in my heart for swimming, of course, but the YMCA costs $5 every time I go and their facility just isn’t that nice. I need to find a nicer pool if I’m going to be doing more swimming.

  5. Ugh! If your shins hurt it sounds like you need to take a few days off from running, especially if they hurt when you walk. Like Stephanie says, do RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate). Are you foam rolling your shins? That could help, too. Taking a week or two off from running, biking, etc. won’t hurt your conditioning, but do start back with fewer miles as you get back into running. If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest you get them looked at. BTW, are you doing any strengthening exercises for your shins? Sometimes week tibialis anterior muscles can be the problem due to muscle imbalances. Good luck!

    1. No I haven’t actually foam rolled my shins- that’s definitely something I could try! The pain is on the inside front part of my shin, and I can’t stand to touch the spots that hurt. But maybe rolling the muscle along the outside of my shin would help? I’ll have to look into some strengthening stuff, too.Every time I have to take time off, the first thing I worry about is losing my conditioning. Getting back into shape after having to take a break is tough!

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