Five Things Friday

1. Wednesday when I got home from work I did not feel like driving to the trail, nor did I feel like dodging cars while running on the roads around our house. So I settled on doing my 7 mile run with Sven (the treadmill). I chose to watch the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ while I ran and guess what? I never got bored. And I knocked out 4 miles at marathon pace. Not too hard to do when all you have to do is set the speed and stick with it. I also found a safer way of keeping track of my splits instead of using the post it note: my Timex stop watch. Using a watch to keep track of splits while running… what a novelty.

Since I watched Pitch Perfect, I had to include this

2. Also on Wednesday, as I was heading out for work I observed kind of a funny scene. There were two old men on ride-on lawn mowers that had pulled up next to each other the way police officers do to talk to each other. They were both shirtless, wearing cut off jeans, straw cowboy hats, logger boots, and white socks pulled up. And they were just sitting there chatting with each other, and both waved as I drove by. I totally would have gotten a picture, but I’m just not that bold. And honestly, did you really want to see a picture in the first place? Didn’t think so.

3. Don’t you love it when you buy a treat at the grocery store and then you forget about it, and then rediscover it in your cabinet days or weeks later? Yea, that happened to me earlier this week.


4. I don’t usually talk much about my job on my blog, because I don’t feel like telling the people I work for that I have a blog in order to get the okay to do so. Without directly telling the internet what I do, I am going to talk about work-related things for a minute. This federal government shut down has not affected me directly… yet. But we got an email from our Deputy Commissioner earlier this week saying that programs that are mainly federally funded (like mine) are currently being funded by the Commonwealth’s general funds. This is with the understanding that the federal government will reimburse us retroactively once a budget gets approved. However, if they (the feds) don’t get their stuff together by the end of October, I will be furloughed along with my fellow employees until further notice. Not cool. But a good example of a real-life domino effect. Here’s to hoping the folks in charge of approving a budget quit acting like children, and sit down and come to an agreement like adults. Otherwise, come November 1, I will have a lot more time to devote to marathon training and blogging.

5. Oops that was only four things. Oh well, I was never really sure there was such a thing as “five things Friday” anyway… and four things Friday doesn’t have the same ring to it. It was really just a semi-organized way to present four random facts/musings/what have you anyway.
Have you been affected by the federal shut down?
Any old men just chilling on their lawnmowers shirtless and in “jorts” where you live?
Do you ever buy something at the store, only to forget about it once you get home and put it away?

12 thoughts on “Five Things Friday”

  1. Federal shutdown hasn’t impacted me. But it will if it lingers much longer. What I can’t figure out is with all these furloughs, the traffic in the DMV hasn’t gotten any lighter.Forgetting things you bought at the store? I forgot about a package of chicken wings. It was August, and I left them in my truck! Thankfully, they were in the back of the truck so my neighbors could also enjoy the smell.LUD.

    1. I think it’s going to affect a lot more people than it already has if it lasts much longer. I remember when you forgot those chicken wings! That was gross. I much prefer the forgotten groceries when they surprise me in a cabinet as opposed to surprising me in the trunk of my car.

  2. Oh no, sorry about your job. I am with you on these men acting like children. Argh. But be sure to look at the bright side and see all the good training opportunities you can get out of it!

  3. So funny about the old guys! And loved your thought about should I take a pic, or shouldn’t I. Good call! Hang in there. I hope everything gets sorted out with your job. We just found out that our daycare might close because of universal health care provisions. Yikes!

  4. Let’s hope our elected officials put on their big-boy and big-girl pants and get their job done soon. I hope it gets resolved before your job is affected. As a gov’t contractor, Bill’s kind of in the same predicament as you. Length of the shutdown will determine whether or not he’s affected. I only have one client that works for the gov’t and she’s considered essential, so for now she’s good. Bill picked up some of those Special K pastry treats. They are pretty tasty!

    1. Hopefully they resolve things soon! I love those Special K pastries. They’re great for an afternoon snack, especially if you are craving something sweet. I’ve only ever gotten strawberry in the past, but they were on sale and the store actually had other flavors for once. The blueberry is yummy.

  5. Haha I like when you rediscover grocery store splurges! The most I’ve ever done on a treadmill was 4 miles but I think watching a movie would help me do more. If the government doesn’t work things out this weekend, I have to take 2 days off each week until they do 😦 Since I just started working there and haven’t accrued a lot of general leave it will all be unpaid. I really hope they stop being such little kids and work things out quickly.

    1. I have found that watching a movie or a good TV show helps a lot. Oh I’m sorry to hear about your job! Lets hope they get things figured out soon!

  6. The domino effect of the shutdown is so scary. 😦 I hope things turn around SOON. I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect. I should rent it this weekend. I need something fun!

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