A cold front has come through town

This morning I met up with Kim for a 5 mile run on the Dora Trail. Guess what the temperature was!? It was a chilly, you-can-see-your-breath 45 degrees! It felt amazing to run in some cooler temperatures. Of course, I still ran in shorts and a t-shirt because it’s not quite cold enough to add layers, yet. It definitely is looking and feeling like fall, though. The leaves are changing and falling already.

Just like last week, we saw another loose/stray dog on the trail. This one wasn’t as cute as the one from last Saturday. At first we weren’t sure if he was friendly because he tucked his tail and put his head low while he looked up at us. But then as we passed him, he fell into step behind us and had his tail up and his tongue hanging out. I tried to get a good picture of him, but he chose to ignore me when I tried to get him to look my way.

Once Kim and I finished up our run, we were standing in the parking lot stretching and talking and this guy rode up on a road bike. At first I didn’t recognize him and then I realized it was Barry! How funny that I didn’t even recognize my own husband. He was so professional-looking. Did I tell you he recently got a fancy-shmancy road bike?

If he looks cold it’s because he was. He said dressing for biking is not like dressing for running, and he still needs to figure out how many layers to put on.

Now it’s time for some breakfast and watching College Game Day before settling in to watch the Hokies kick off. The game starts at noon and it’s the Hokies versus the Purple Pirates (also known as Virginia Tech v. East Carolina). GO HOKIES!!

At the end of the game, Barry and I will head up to Blacksburg to pick up our packets for tomorrow’s Hokie Half Marathon! I am both excited and nervous about this race. Nothing new there.

I am excited to get to run with Deb and to be part of the inaugural Hokie Half. I am nervous because it’s a half marathon, and no matter how many I’ve run it’s still a long distance to me. Plus tomorrow I technically have to run 14 miles, which I plan to do by running a mile prior to the race. This will be a new personal distance record for me, as the furthest I’ve ever run is about 13.2 miles. It’ll be a small PDR, but new territory nonetheless. One thing is for sure: tomorrow is going to be fun and the weather is looking perfect!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

What is your personal distance record?

Do you get nervous about races, whether you’re going for a PR or running for fun?
I do. But I think a certain level of nervousness is part of what we love about running races. The day I don’t get the least bit nervous for a race is the day I need to find a new hobby.
Anyone else enjoying a cold front?

12 thoughts on “A cold front has come through town”

  1. Cold here too. Single layer before I went on my ride. Gloves too which I usually don’t wear with my road bike. Only have the doors off of the Jeep.Good luck tomorrow. And let’s hope those Hokies hang in there against the plastic sword wielding Pirate fans of ECU. Arrrghhhh.LUD.

  2. It was cold here too even though I went running at 11am! I wore shorts and a t shirt too. That’s so funny you didn’t recognize Barry haha he does look pretty legit!Our hokies need to step it up!!Have a great time at the Hokie Half tomorrow! Now I really wish I had signed up! Can’t wait to see this pictures 🙂

    1. It was definitely perfect! We really lucked out with that cold front that came through, because it looks like it is going to be back up in the 80’s this weekend.

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