Hello morning run, the Blobfish, and running technology

This morning I woke up a little over an hour before my alarm, so I decided to go ahead and do my 5 mile run. I had planned on running this afternoon after work, but I’m glad I ran this morning because it’s nice and cool outside. Anytime I run in the morning when it’s not a long run or race, I think of this advertisement I saw on the side of a bus in Denver last summer.

I started out by running three miles with Sven, since it was still dark outside. Once the sun came up I headed outside for the last two miles of my run. I never noticed how cushy my treadmill was until this morning when I went from the treadmill to the pavement outside. Aside from the weather being wonderfully cool, I have another reason I am glad I ran this morning. I would have missed out on how pretty the sunrise was.

Last night Barry showed me a picture of the fish that was recently voted the world’s ugliest animal. It’s called the Blobfish and lucky for you, I am going to show you the picture:

The funny part is I kept thinking the fish looked kind of familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Are you thinking the same thing? If so, don’t worry. I have solved the mystery. The Blobfish looks like Ziggy!

Finally, I read an interesting article yesterday about technology and running. The author makes a case for and against technology. The gist of the article is that on one hand, gadgets like heart rate monitors and GPS watches gives us a lot of feedback about our pace, distance, effort, elevation change, etc. But on the other hand, combining technology and social media with running keeps us from unplugging from a day that’s often already filled with staring at a screen. It helps to make the sport more accessible, but at the same time technology can over complicate a sport that was supposed to be simple at it’s core. In the end, it’s important to find a balance between getting the data you want and not becoming data-obsessed.

If you usually workout in the afternoon or evening, do you ever go ahead and workout in the morning if you wake up early?

Had you ever heard of or seen the Blobfish before?
Not until Barry showed me the picture last night.
Where would you rank yourself on the technology scale when it comes to working out? Are you old-school or are you leading the technology revolution?
I think I’m in the happy middle. I like seeing my pace/distance/elevation, but I’m not obsessed with the numbers.

16 thoughts on “Hello morning run, the Blobfish, and running technology”

  1. That blobfish is so sad looking! I love to run in the morning. It sets the tone for my day and is the best way to get started! I’m proud to say I’m very old school when it comes to running technology. I don’t own a Garmin and I never run with music. It’s just me and my trusty Timex Ironman watch, which is perfect for recording splits on the track or on a marked course. When I run on the treadmill, I find myself obsessing over the stats, and I much refer running ‘free’ outside. Get me on the trails and I’m in heaven!

  2. Only time I do mornings is when I’m in a different time zone. 3 hours in the AM with nothing to do except watch infomercials is too much.I usually have a radio/headphones with me. My bike has a simple speedometer on it. I guess you could call me old school when it comes to walking off trail. I will take a good walk and if I think about it, I will drive the car along the same route to estimate the mileage.Blobfish doesn’t look so bad. What about those hairless chihuahuas?LUD.

    1. If you’re already up, it’s the perfect time for a morning workout. Especially if you’re up 3 hours before when you have to be. Well there were runner up animals behind the Blobfish. One of them was some kind of hairless thing, but I don’t think it was a Chihuahua.

  3. Awe. the blogfish is kind of cute 🙂 I like Ziggy, too. I like to switch up my running times so I get a little of everything. A morning run can certainly be refreshing after plenty of afternoon runs 🙂

    1. I mostly run in the afternoon/evening and I always feel really invigorated after a morning run. But then I’m also usually ready for bed by about 9 PM when I run in the morning.

  4. One day I will wake up early and run…one day!I just bought a new GPS watch and I’m excited to use it but I don’t think I’ll get obsessed with the numbers.Happy weekend!!!

  5. Blobfish are my underwater heros. With their sad silly looking faces they trick crabs and the like into becoming meals. Also they are not eatable kinda sad really i would very much enjoy a waiter taking my order… ” I’ll have the blobfish please with a side of dorkfish hold the corndog.

    1. What’s a corndog doing floating in the ocean? Barry, did you actually research what the Blobfish eats? I’m not so sure it’s crabs and the like.

  6. If the blogfish turned that frown upside down, he would look even more like Ziggy! I’d say that I’m pretty much in the middle, too, when it comes to technology. I use Run Keeper for my runs mainly out of curiosity for how my pace is going. I don’t go, “OMG, I’m going too slowly and I’d better pick up the pace!

  7. I feel like I’ve seen a picture of a blobfish before somewhere…But maybe I’m confusing it with Ziggy.I’m in the middle with technology. I’m addicted to my Garmin, but it it old, and the only technology I use.

  8. I really like keeping track of my distance/pace/elevation, but I don’t obsess over it. I don’t usually wear my HR monitor anymore, but I used to really like wearing it especially on hilly runs where I could be like “yup, that was ACTUALLY hard, it’s not just in my mind, my HR is soaring” ha. It was a sort of justification.

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