A muggy long run & I found something to do with our eggs!

Last night I found something to do with all of the eggs we have now (we get six eggs a day from our chickens). I made a chicken, rice, and veggie quiche and a ham and cheese quiche! We ate the chicken, rice, and veggie quiche for dinner last night, and it ended up being pretty good fuel for my long run.

This morning Barry and I headed up to the Huckleberry Trail in Christiansburg for our long run. I ended up doing a little over 10 miles and he put in a little over 11 miles for the day. I was planning on meeting up with my running buddy, Kim, and she had the genius idea to meet me at the parking lot 2 miles into my run. She is limiting her long runs to 5 or 6 miles, so this allowed us to run the middle 6 miles of my run together. It was 70 degrees at the start of my run, with 100% humidity, and over 80 at the end with humidity in the 90’s. That definitely made the run tough and made it hard for me to try and break my long run trend. I think it will take a few more weeks to try and see if the pattern is disrupted. I was feeling rough enough that I was kind of wanting a walk break, and I told Kim if she wanted a walk break I was totally cool with that (because I secretly wanted to walk). But she was running tough today and she kept me going. If we hadn’t met up for those middle miles, I probably would have walked.

It was humid enough that I managed to drink all 20 ounces of my water by mile 8. Luckily this also happened to be back at Kim’s starting point, and she offered me water from her car to get me through my last 2 miles. She filled up my water bottle a little over halfway and I drank all of it before I got to mile 10. I cannot wait until fall gets here and the humidity goes away. I think my long runs will be a lot more enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like I’m breathing water.

After our long run, Barry and I did a few errands in town. We swung by PetsMart to get some more dog food, and the employees asked us where Hank and Scout were. Yes, they know our dogs by name because Hank and Scout tend to make an impression on people. I had to explain that they were home sleeping and we were just running some errands since we were in town. After PetsMart we headed over to the local bike shop where I grabbed some Honey Stinger waffles to try out. I am still experimenting with new fuel and wanted to give these a try.

And since it was just up the road from the bike shop, we had to swing by Carol Lee’s for some donuts!

I spy a white iced with Hokie sprinkles!

With dog food, Honey Stinger waffles, and donuts secured we headed home. I got my usual weekend cleaning done while I watched Game Day and we ate some of the ham and cheese quiche I made last night for lunch.

Now it’s almost game time! I’m excited, but nervous. This game against Alabama is going to be a tough one.

Go Hokies!!

How is the weather where you are? Is it hot and humid, too?

Have you ever tried Honey Stinger waffles? What did you think of them?

What are your weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “A muggy long run & I found something to do with our eggs!”

  1. I haven’t tried the waffles, but I’ve tried the chews and the goo and I’m satisfied every time. I wish they’d take Lance’s picture off of their products, but I guess you can’t have everything!Can you freeze the quiche? That’s a great way to use the eggs!

    1. I wanted to try the gel, but the bike shop didn’t have any! I’m not sure if the quiche would still be good if I froze it… but we eat it pretty quick anyway.

  2. It’s great that Kim was there for your middle miles and had a water refill for you. It’s really hot and humid here and I’m just heading out for a mid-day run. Storms are on the way for later this afternoon and I’m hoping they will bring some relief.I was just introduced to Honey Stingers recently. I haven’t tried the waffles yet. I’ll have to look for them. Our running store didn’t have them…Bill is working all weekend so I’m just relaxing and doing stuff around the house.Mmmmmmm… Carol Lee donuts!

    1. Thank goodness for running buddies! Our running store didn’t carry any Honey Stinger products, either, but they were the ones who told me the bike shop did.

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