It’s almost here!

I feel like it’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is the day! The Hokies kick off their season against #1 Alabama.

Tunnel to Worsham Field in Lane Stadium

It’s time to go to work, lunch pail defense-style.

And I’m hoping to see a little bit of ‘Beamer Ball’ too!

Block that kick!

Game day, game face!

Gobble, Gobble. Beat Bama!! As if I needed more excitement, I am planning on doing tomorrow’s 10 mile long run on the Huckleberry Trail. Although the football game is in Atlanta, Blacksburg is still where it’s at. I think a ten mile run on the Huckleberry Trail is the perfect way to pregame before the Hokies kick off at 5:30 PM!

View of the football stadium from the Huckleberry Trail

Lately I have noticed a pattern of having a good long run one weekend followed by a bad one the next. If the pattern continues, this weekend would be an off weekend. I am hoping a long run on my favorite trail will break the pattern.

Anyone planning to watch tomorrow’s game (5:30 on ESPN)?

Do you have plans to watch any college football kick off games?

What is your long run/workout this weekend? Anyone racing?

10 thoughts on “It’s almost here!”

  1. Go BIg Blue and Go Hokies!Will have to record the last bit of the VT game. ODU kickoff against ECU at 7 pm on Fox Sports ATL. This is ODU’s transition year from FCS to FBS and they are still ranked #1 in the FCS.LUD.

  2. Go Hokies! We watched the UNC vs SC game last night that until it was delayed for lightening, and then we switched to the Nats game. If there’s a college game on TV, our TV will be tuned to that channel! 🙂

  3. All of this football talk on the blogs I read! I didn’t even realize it was football season already. I truly did not! LOL Hope you have a good long run!

    1. Two things would have made yesterday better: less humidity and a win for the Hokies. Other than that it was a pretty darn good day. Hope your long run went well!

  4. I, sadly, do not usually watch college football. I am all about the Denver Broncos, though. Unfortunately for us, they don’t usually make the East Coast time slots, so we have to watch the games online, ha. 8 miles on the plan for today – my longest run since my 50k in June (crazy, right?!).

    1. I root for the Denver Broncos (as long as they’re not playing the Redskins), too! I started rooting for them after they drafted Eddie Royal, a Hokie football alum, in 2008. He plays for the Chargers now, but I still root for the Broncos.

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