Rainy run and some updates

This morning I met up with Kim for a long run on the Dora and New River Trails. We haven’t been able to meet up since an 8 mile jaunt on the Huckleberry at the end of June. It was great to catch up! It was raining when I got up, but the rain had stopped by the time we headed out and it was unbelievably cool outside- low 60’s! Then halfway through our run the rain started again and it made up for the first half of our run being rain-free. My hair always turns into a birds nest when I run in the rain.

Not looking forward to trying to get a comb through that… Speaking of birds, I have a baby bird update!

The last time I showed you pictures of the nests in our hanging flower baskets, the baby birds were either just hatching and not very baby bird-looking or they were still in their eggs. They’re a little more bird-like now!

So demanding.

The one below kind of looks like it’s one large baby bird with an afro, but it’s actually one on the left with it’s mouth open and two on the right asleep.

Last night I watched the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’. I loved this movie. Sometimes movies and TV shows like this are kind of hit or miss for me (for example, I do not like the show ‘Glee’). But this movie made me laugh and I enjoyed all the sporadic and non-sporadic singing.

And since this is a running blog, of course I have to include this:

Now I understand all those t-shirts I’ve seen floating around the internet. Finally back in the loop.

Update from the decision I was trying to make yesterday: Barry and I decided to forgo the lawnmower racing in favor of the bull riding. We will be headed to the fair this evening for a bull riding date night! Hopefully it won’t be rainy!

From our last bull riding date night in May

What was your workout today? Who’s off to the races??

Have you seen ‘Pitch Perfect’? What did you think?

If you’re attached what was your last date night? If you’re single what’s the most recent fun thing you did?

13 thoughts on “Rainy run and some updates”

  1. Easy run, lots of stretching, and a trip to the library (very athletic). I’m sworn off racing until M-day, at the end of Aug.We try to do Friday night date nights whenever we’re both in town. Last night, KMN had to work late, and I had a meeting and yoga class until 10 PM. But we met up for a late night dinner. I’d been dreaming about french fries for 24 hours, so requested that we go to a burgers and fries joint. Hit the spot!

  2. I have seen Pitch Perfect and I laughed uncontrollably through the whole thing. I have a long run planned today, but it’s noon and I’m still working up the motivation to do it. Uggh. I think I might temp myself with some new trails to explore! I just posted about our latest date! We went berry picking at a local farm. It was a blast!

  3. Cute cute cute cute cute! Love the first bird picture. It looks like a scene from a Disney movie (the birds are singing in human voices, obviously).Pitch Perfect is SO good. I rented it off iTunes as a (private) guilty pleasure and was sure it was going to be just like Glee (so, like, terrible). But then I enjoyed it so much I watched it once again before my rental period was up! Rebel whatserface is hilarious.

    1. Haha, they do look like a scene from a Disney movie! I only watched it once and then put it back in the mail (Netflix)… but I did buy myself a copy while I was out shopping today πŸ™‚ This will be my new go-to movie when I’m grumpy.

  4. My hair turns into a bird’s nest when I run, period, so I can relate to that!! Haven’t seen the movie Pitch Perfect but I want to. I feel like I’m missing out on so many inside jokes because I haven’t seen it! LOL

  5. I love your baby birds! You captured a terrific picture of them demanding dinner!HaHa! I don’t even know when our last “date night” was. Do date runs count? We go out to dinner with another couple a lot, so maybe Friday night? This Thursday is our wedding anniversary so we’re going out just the two of us then!

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