24-hour run, a little treadmill action, and the fair!

The August 2013 issue of Running Times has a feature article on Sabrina Little, who recently set an American record in 24-hour running by running over 150 miles! She is the first American woman to surpass the 150 mile mark. I can’t even fathom running that far. In the article they detail a typical week of training for her:

Her weekend really blows my mind. Seventeen miles on Saturday and a marathon by herself on Sunday. I am in awe. I wish I could eat miles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe someday…

I decided to do my 3 mile run in the morning before work today. Are you sensing a pattern? I chose to stay indoors and run on my new treadmill, mainly because I wanted to play with my new toy again. We’ll just ignore the fact that it’s only 60 degrees outside (but still 100% humidity).

Now I can take the traditional shoe picture on the treadmill, so that you will know my feet were there.

I also have another reason for doing my run in the morning. This week the New River Valley Fair is going on and Barry and I are planning a date night! We still haven’t decided whether to go tonight or tomorrow night, so I wanted to get my run done just in case.

Tonight’s attraction is the ARMA lawnmower racing. Now you may be picturing a bunch of guys on standard ride-on mowers racing around a track, but that’s not quite it. These guys go fast!

Tomorrow night’s attraction is bull riding. You know I love me some rodeo! Although it will be hard to go to a rodeo where I don’t get to hang out in the VIP.

Decisions, decisions….

Lawnmower racing or bull riding?

Have you ever gone to your local or state fair?

What do you think about Sabrina Little? Can you fathom running over 150 miles in one go? Or a 24-hour run?

12 thoughts on “24-hour run, a little treadmill action, and the fair!”

  1. Lawn mower racing.Fairfax County Fair this year had the B-52’s on the main stage. Always a good time so long as you stay away from the carneys. Somehow a giant Ferris wheel on a flat bed just doesn’t look safe. Fall for Fairfax hits in October and always has the Model Railroad folks with their trains lining the atrium at the government center,Can’t imagine a run like that, but you know an old neighbor that ran at least one marathon a week, and still does.LUD.

    1. Looks like you got out-voted, sorry. But really Barry just decided to do some lawn mower racing in our yard last night instead (i.e. he mowed the yard) so that was the reason behind waiting to go to the fair until tonight. Model railroads are the best! That was always one of my favorite parts about going to see Santa, back when they had that whole town set up with all the railroads.

  2. that is a LOT of running. A lot. And she has a real job…which makes it even more awesome and impressive. Bull riding over lawn mowers for me. when i’m in Colorado I usually always make it out to our local rodeos. I love them and there are usually really great concerts in the evenings with big-name country singers.

    1. I really don’t think I have the mental toughness to run 150 miles. I just can’t imagine getting to 75 miles and thinking “okay, halfway done.”

  3. I loved that article! She is such an interesting person. Her running amazes me, especially the lunchtime runs. I love sitting on my butt relaxing during lunch. LOL

  4. Sabrina’s training schedule is crazy-amazing! I had to stop and rest just reading it! :-)I agree… bull riding sounds more fun to me, too! Well, not for me to ride the bull, but to watch! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new toy!

    1. Bull riding it is. Ultimately the decision was made because Barry decided to mow the yard yesterday. It’s rainy right now… hopefully it passes by this evening.

    1. Maybe a 50 mile race before a 100 mile one? 🙂 But then again, you’ve got Logan who ran an ultra before running a full marathon and Deb who ran a full marathon years before running her first half… so if you want to do it I’d say go for it!

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