It’s here!!

Look what arrived today! Can you hear the choir of angels singing? Oh just me? Okay, then.

Unfortunately, I could not get the truck driver to bring the 300 lb. box any further than our front walk. Apparently they are only responsible for unloading boxes from the truck itself, so he was being nice by bringing it down the walk. Luckily it did not rain during the day, which was my main concern since I definitely couldn’t move the box until Barry got home this evening.

Naturally I went for my 3 mile run on my brand new treadmill (after we got the thing put together). Never mind that it is only 79 degrees outside today and the fact that I usually dread having to run on a treadmill. How could I not try my new toy out? Side note: It’s funny how I can both dread and love this piece of equipment at the same time.

The run went pretty well… I mean, it’s still a treadmill. It did feel pretty cushiony, thanks to the four sets of cushioning along the bottom. Ultimately, that was the deciding factor. I watched Jeopardy while I ran, which was fun. I may not get all of the answers right, but I always have an answer for the question. Or a question for the answer, I guess.

In typical fashion for me, I managed to burn the outside of my elbow on the toaster this morning. You may be wondering how one manages to burn ones elbow on a toaster. First, you have to be very klutzy talented. Secondly, you have to reach up in the cabinet above the still hot toaster and then somehow jam your elbow into the toaster slot as you lower your arm from reaching into said cabinet.

By the way, have you ever tried to take a picture of the outside of your own elbow? It’s no small task.

Last week I mentioned the need for bathroom breaks while running and shared that I have needed a break on every run I’ve done since July 1 (except the 5K race on July 4). First of all, I can tell you that the streak is still alive (Is anyone else thinking of the song ‘The Streak’ by Ray Stevens? Just me again? Alright.). I came across this article about GI distress while running and 8 tips on how to deal with it. In the article, they mentioned that it is estimated that “60% of all runners experience bathroom issues while running.” I know a few of you mentioned you have also been dealing with “bathroom issues” since it has gotten hotter outside, so I thought this article might be useful!

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who deals with these issues when they are actually happening to me (i.e. as I’m crouched behind a bush somewhere). So to make myself, and maybe some of you, feel better, here is a video of a lady getting caught on camera relieving herself in a yard next to some guy’s house. The part that cracks me up the most is when the guy who’s house she’s pooping next to calls it “malicious fecal distribution.”

For the record, I have never gone in someone’s yard or near someone’s house. Just felt the need to clarify that…

It’s really not funny, but did you laugh about that video? I couldn’t help but to laugh.

What klutzy move have you made recently that caused you injury?

15 thoughts on “It’s here!!”

    1. Hah, nice pun. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. I think I ordered it just last Monday. Hmm interesting article! It’s definitely possible that it is a hoax. But nevertheless, it entertained me.

  1. Ha, I did laugh. I didn’t realize “malicious fecal distribution” was a thing?I had an emergency bathroom break on the side of the W&OD trail once. Thankfully it was a section that had heavy shrubbery, so no one saw me. But it was like, literally less than 5 feet off the trail…and I was there for a WHILE. Awkward. Best part? Less than half a mile later, I ran by a bathroom. Bummer. I can’t think of a klutzy move off the top of my head, but I always have bruises in such weird places…and I NEVER remember what I did to get them. Also, totally unrelated, but I have 17 (!!!) mosquito bites on my right leg…and NONE anywhere else. Isn’t that WEIRD?! I am baffled by this. (I have no idea why I shared that, except that I told Zach and he was uninterested).

    1. I don’t think it is! It made me laugh, though. Don’t you love it when you pass a bathroom shortly after making the decision to take care of business in the woods? Seventeen mosquito bites on one leg is very strange! Zach should act interested in anything you have to say. He needs more training. 🙂

  2. Yes! Best video ever! That is a BOLD move. Like, a seriously bold move. I think I’d rather soil myself (hate that phrase) than be caught going on someone’s property! Fortunately, it’s never come to that.I SAY a lot of dumb things, but I’m not really a klutz. Of course, now that I’ve said that I’m going to do something incredibly klutz-y as soon as I finish commenting here.Congrats on your treadmill! “Only 79.” Ahahahahaahahaha.

    1. I would never go on someone’s property, let along up against someone’s house like that! Haha, hope nothing klutz-y happened to you after your comment 🙂

  3. Good thing about being a guy. The world is our bathroom!Glad you got your treadmill, and I understand why you couldn’t wait to use it. Mine sits idle during the nice weather. I sure do prefer it outside, but I appreciate having it in the bad weather.What, Me klutzy? Not from my side of the family!LUD.

    1. That’s no fair! If only I could write my name on the street in my pee….I think I am definitely going to be appreciating that treadmill come winter (and ice and snow). Blame the other side of the family for the klutz, I guess.

  4. YAY for your new treadmill! It will be an absolute lifesaver in winter. I try to avoid the dreadmill if at all possible during nice weather, but I use it all the time when it gets cold & wet.Biggest klutz move? Trying to jump one of those little chain-between-two-posts fences on the VT campus. You know, the ones that are meant to keep you off the grass and on the sidewalk. Well, I was trying to jump from the grass to the sidewalk while on a run. I caught the chain with my foot and ended up chin first on the concrete. Result – trip to ER, multiple stitches in my chin, a few chipped teeth, a wicked scar, and a great story!

    1. I’m definitely looking forward to having it this winter! I don’t mind going out in the freezing cold or the wind (although I may complain about it), but I hate running on icy roads with cars. It’s just dangerous. Oh my gosh! That sounds painful and embarrassing, but what a great story to have, haha 🙂

    1. Aw, crap sorry. If you click the “caught on camera” link it will take you to the original news page. The video should be up there.

  5. The video wouldn’t load for me :(YAY! You got your treadmill! You look fierce running on that beast!Someone commented on one of my blog posts that she saw a sign that read, “Never trust a fart on a long run.” That is SO true.I’m not dealing with the liquid issue… enough said.

    1. Sorry! I think it got taken down from YouTube. If you click the “caught on camera” link it should take you to the actual news site where the original video is.

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