A new favorite summer recipe

Today was supposed to be a cross training day. Technically my training schedule calls for Tuesdays and Thursdays to be rest days throughout my training, but I decided to make one a rest day and one a XT day each week. I prefer Tuesdays, so that I can use Thursday as a rest day before long runs. However, today I was having one of those days where all you want to do is curl up on a ball on the couch. Since my dad reads my blog, I’ll leave it at that, but you know what I mean. So I opted for a rest day. Instead, I will tell you about the dinner I fixed this evening. Be forewarned, I am not very good at photographing food.

This evening I made Parmesan-crusted Tilapia, pan-seared veggies, and French fries for dinner. This is the same dinner I fixed on Friday night when we were camping, except tortellini instead of fries. I liked it so much that I decided to fix it again tonight, since we had leftover squash and peppers. My dad is probably wondering who I am right now, since traditionally I don’t eat fish…. Or squash…. Or peppers. But I really like this dinner, especially for summer time.

Usually I don’t share recipes on the blog, because that’s not really my thing, but I am going to share my recipe for the Parmesan-crusted Tilapia. I’m not sure if it counts as my recipe, since I pretty much looked at 5 different recipes for tilapia and just took what I liked from each of them.

Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia
Crushed Ritz Crackers
3/4 C grated Parmesan cheese
2 teaspoon Paprika
1 Tablespoon parsley flakes
4 Tilapia filets
olive oil
1 lemon
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
2. In a bowl, combine Ritz, cheese, Paprika, and parsley
3. Drizzle tilapia with olive oil, then coat in Ritz mixture
4. Place filets on foil-lined baking sheet, season with pepper
5. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until fish is opaque and the internal temperature is at least 145 degrees F
6. Serve with lemon wedges

The fresh juice squeezed from a lemon wedge really makes the veggies and the fish. So if you’re going to try this recipe, I recommend not skipping that part. Funny enough- I forgot to put lemon on mine until halfway through dinner.

Randomness from my day today: I was sitting at a rest area off of the highway in my car at work today, typing a report. There was this rest area attendant walking around sweeping trash along the sidewalk. He made direct eye contact with me and then proceeded to walk a tight circle all the way around my car, while looking at the ground seemingly to sweep up any trash. Then he got back on the sidewalk and kept working his way down. He didn’t do that with any of the other parked cars around me. How bizarre.

Oh and you remember all of the bird eggs I have in my hanging flower baskets right now? Well I happened to go out to water them last night right as some of the eggs in one of the baskets were hatching! Say hello to Spiky and Spiky #2.

Do you have a favorite summertime meal? What is it?

Are there foods you wouldn’t touch as a kid that you like now?

Tell me something random/strange/bizarre from your day.

15 thoughts on “A new favorite summer recipe”

  1. Ah, I was JUST thinking as I heard what you ate that I wish you would post the recipe! Score! Lucky for me we just so happen to have some tilapia in the freezer! DOUBLE SCORE! Awww little birdies!! I’m a huge fan of tortellini salads in the summer. We usually chop up a bunch of veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, onion, carrots) and mix it with the tortellini and some dressing (my favorite is ranch, but that’s not the healthiest option).

  2. Cuuuute! Or, at least, I assume they’re cute. I guess I can’t see much more than some eggshells and a few feathers.Something random: it’s pretty hot here today, which means Alaskans are wearing their trashiest outfits. My favorite was the lady down the street out “watering the lawn” in a leopard-print thong bikini and leopard-print high heels. It was incredibly bizarre.

  3. “I pretty much looked at 5 different recipes for tilapia and just took what I liked from each of them.” I think that’s pretty much how most of our generation cooks. :)I had very little randomness today. How about this: Thanks to a (very small) procedure I had done, I was warned not to take a hot shower. Now, I generally like a hot shower as much as the next girl, but I had to look at the woman and say, “In Singapore? I never take a hot shower. I think we’re safe.” Sometimes I’ll let the water get a bit warm, but hot? I NEVER take a like-Rochester hot shower here. EVER. Who does, I wonder?

    1. It’s better than what some of my peers cook for diner, at least 🙂 I take warm showers in the summer and HOT ones in the winter.

  4. Our go-to tilapia meal is fish tacos. YUM! We just cook the fish with a little bit of seasoning in a cast iron skillet, throw in a tortilla, and pile on the toppings. Some cabbage for crunch, sliced avocado, mango salsa, and voila, super easy, yummy dinner!

    1. Yum! Fish tacos 🙂 Makes me think of Cabo Fish Taco. If I’m going the fish taco route, I like to make mine shrimp tacos. Your fish tacos with those toppings sound delicious!

  5. You are correct. Someone has stolen my child. Got you to eat plenty of things you didn’t know about. Want to know how many times you had venison?Random – Walked into a conference room for a VTC last week. The tech was making the connection between three sites through a bridge. All of a sudden a Zumba class appeared. Guess they were trying to tell us something.LUD.

    1. Who would have thought I would knowingly eat those foods. Mushrooms and onions are still on my no-no list, though, so feel free to continue to just sneak those in without my knowledge 🙂 That’s funny about your VTC! I attended a VTC a few months ago and one of the rooms came online, but didn’t realize they were, and someone was saying something bad about the main speaker, haha. Oops.

  6. Which rest stop were you stopped at? I might have driven right by you! Traffic was fast and pretty light, but I couldn’t believe the number of mowing crews I passed with men walking right along the interstate. It was a little unnerving! I couldn’t stand any kind of beans when I was little, but love them now!Just wait until I post about the surprise Bill had waiting for me when I got home! You will love it! 🙂

    1. I was actually at the one off of I-77, just after exit 58, close to the West Virginia border. So we probably didn’t pass each other. There have been so many mowing crews out this week! I also get nervous riding by them, especially with all of the trucks on I-81. Ooh I can’t wait to hear about this surprise!!

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