A progession run and a few other things

Y’all called me out on my New River trivia yesterday! Turns out my source (a high school cross country coach) was a bit misinformed. The other river I was thinking of was the Nile. However, according to my research, the New River is one of a few major rivers in North America that flows south to north. Most do flow to the south. There are numerous other rivers across the world that flow north, but it is more common for rivers to flow south. My research also told me that geologists consider the New River one of the oldest rivers in the world. So it’s still cool in my book.

This evening I headed out for a 3 mile run after a long day of work. I made it a progression run with splits of 10:17, 9:48, 9:26. My ankles and lower legs are really sore from walking around, up and down hills, in flip flops all weekend. I don’t think the hour of going down the water slides and walking back up a huge hill on a concrete path barefoot helped, either. Funny thing is the faster I ran the better my legs felt. I also had a huge bull stare me down the whole time I ran by him (that helped me pick it up some, too). Of course he had gone further out in the field by the time I took a picture, but he’s the second one on the right. He’s much more impressive up close.

I had my tree picked out that I would be up in about two seconds if he had decided to come through the fence. Although, I don’t know why he would since he had all those females to hang out with in the field. Speaking of cows, they were out in the field behind our house last night. Scout decided she needed to run them off.

She’s very brave when there’s a fence (or two) between her and the cows.

She will bark and bay (howl) at them to run them off. I caught her mid-bay with her nose straight up in the air after she ran this cow away from the fence.

She kept at it until all of the cows started heading back away from the fence. And then she did a victory dance in the yard and came back inside.

Since this is a running blog, I will end on a running note. I am thinking of doing a weekly marathon training recap each week on Mondays. There are a few bloggers who are training for big races that currently do this, and I think the recaps are a great way to sum everything up. I will give it a try next week and see how it goes. I apologize in advance if it’s a flop and turns out boring.

What’s your favorite type of run: progression, tempo, speed work, easy, or long run? I know there are other types, but I want to know your favorite from the options.
Long runs are my favorite, progression runs are second.
Any tips on doing weekly marathon training recaps without boring everyone to death?

17 thoughts on “A progession run and a few other things”

    1. That’s awesome that you are enjoying your speedwork! I always feel accomplished after a speed workout, but I am always shaking in my Asics beforehand.

  1. I don’t have a running watch so I can’t keep my time but I’m thinking of finally getting one! Progression runs and tempo runs are my favorite right now!Haha those pictures of Scout and the cows is hilarious. My dogs are pretty fierce behind a fence too πŸ˜›

  2. Long runs and then easy runs =) ha. Meh, I happen to think mine end up being pretty boring when I do them, so I’ll be interested to see what other commenters say. I’m about to gear up with mine again here soon as I start training again.

  3. Oh those cows look TERRIFIED. LOL Long runs are actually my favorite because I can go as slow as I want! I also like surprise tempo runs–those are the ones where I’m just feeling good so I take off!

    1. I KNOW right!? haha I think she more just annoys them, so they leave. Surprise tempo runs are the best! “I feel good, so I’m going to run FAST today”

  4. I agree with Nicole and Jan on long slow days because they are slow and they allow the excuse to be lazy. Both are awesome in my book!I used to think training recaps were boring but since I have started ding them (hello accountability!) I love reading where others are at in their training. It’s fun because we are all doing fall marathons so it is like we are all in it together πŸ™‚

    1. I love how we all run, yet our “lazy” runs are our favorite. I like long runs because you get to run slow, there’s no pressure, and you get to be out there for hours. I second Stephanie, you make a great point. Sometimes it can be hard to follow someone’s training with just daily or semi-weekly posts about specific workouts. I am loving that so many of us are doing fall marathons!

  5. I think a recap is good. I always figure that, if mine are boring (although I have been off the bandwagon since vacation), then no one has to read them – I like having the account for myself, something witha *tad* more personality than my numerical training log.If we’re bored (unlikely), we’ll just skim it and call the whole thing good. πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve always heard that about the New River and the Nile, and I’ve always heard that the New River is one of the oldest rivers. It must be a local thing! :-)I’d love to read everyone’s training recaps! I will be able to live vicariously through the rest of you! Long runs have ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE runs, but tempo runs are quickly becoming my second favorite!

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