It’s my birthday!

Today I am 25 years old. A quarter of a century old… sounds older when you say it that way.

So what’s good about turning the big 2-5? Well my car insurance rate goes down, for one. I also move into a new age group for races. That could be a good thing or a bad one. It’s also easier to rent a car now. Did you know some companies actually won’t rent a car to someone under 25? Others will, but it’s expensive for the renter.

I’m also now too old to try out for “The Real World.” Darn! (this is sarcasm… not sure how well it comes across in print form πŸ™‚ But I’m only 10 years away from running for president!
Growing up with a summer birthday was the best thing a kid could ask for. I have never been to school on my birthday (even when I took that one summer course in college) and I usually got to spend the day outside and at the pool. I participated in summer swim while growing up and every year I got to do a “birthday 50”. That’s where you get to swim 50 meters at the end of practice while everyone else lines the lane and splashes and cheers. When I was an 8 & under it was the birthday 25. So much fun!
I started off my birthday by going to work. When I got home from work I dutifully went for my 3 mile run like a good little marathoner-in-training. Then Barry and I went out for pizza! I love going to Pizza Hut and getting the personal pan pizza that comes out in the cast iron pan (only it doesn’t come that way anymore… lame). Blame it on the Pizza Hut reading program from when I was a kid.
As I mentioned on Wednesday, my birthday gift from Barry is a treadmill. Be still my heart. I am so excited, but I am still trying to decide between the two I have it narrowed down to: the ProForm Power 995 OR the NordicTrack C900. Decisions, decisions. He also gave me a digital camera at the end of May as an early birthday gift after my old one broke. 
Apparently Running Times also knew my birthday was today, because the August issue arrived yesterday!
I really wanted to wrap up my birthday celebrations with fro-yo, but the closest place is about 40 minutes away. So I settled for some ice cream at a new ice cream place. But then when we got there they were closed. So instead I wrapped up my evening with some strawberry frozen yogurt.
Got my fro-yo after all. Just not with the fun serve yourself and add toppings atmosphere.
When is your birthday??
Anyone who swam summer league growing up: Did your team do the “birthday 50” for kids who had a summer birthday?
What else is good about being 25 that I missed?

12 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!”

    1. Thanks! The pizza and fro-yo kind of sounds like a birthday for an 8 year old instead of a 25 year old πŸ™‚ But it worked for me!

  1. Happy Birthday, friend! :)When Glenn turned 25 I kept teasing him that if you rounded to the nearest ten he was already 30. That’s the math nerd in me thinking that math is funny! Turning 25 seems to me to be a total exit from being “too young” to understand/do/know/etc. It’s a transition that takes you into a place where people take you more seriously. Does that make sense? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!Running Times features a trail you’ll know all about…Just sayin’

    1. Haha well I’m okay with 25, but not quite ready to round up to 30 yet! It does make sense… 25 is definitely not lumped in with the “kid” category. Ooooh you have peaked my interest in the trail featured in Running Times! I am going to have to go flip through it right now to see!

  2. 25 is a square number. That’s the best thing about it!I swam in (and coached, oops) a summer league, and swam on a winter team, but this is definitely the first time I’ve heard of Birthday 50s. And I think you might be the first summer birthday person I know who loves it – I always thought most kids didn’t like it, because then they didn’t really get to celebrate in school and get special attention, like the Sept – June birthdays did. No?

    1. That’s funny that you hadn’t heard of birthday 50’s. We have a lot in common- I also grew up swimming year round and then coached and swam as a teenager. I never thought of it as not getting special attention during the school year. I guess I was just happy with not having to go to school at all and getting to be at the pool πŸ™‚

  3. HA wow, you just make me feel so psyched about turning 25 this year. And now I am craving pizza. Somehow I feel like 25 made me a “real” adult..because apparently I was just pretending before? No idea…go with it…

  4. Happy candlecakes day, Meagan! Surely, life during the early 20s is a hard yet fun ride. At this time, we are turning from our late teens to adulthood. Nevertheless, hope you make the most of your 20s. These years will be very unforgettable. PS: Your birthday celebration looks fun. That’s a yummy fro-yo over there. πŸ™‚

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