A long run with some new fuel

This morning I went for a 7 mile long run on the Dora Trailand the New River Trail. It was overcast and 68 degrees. In July. That’s unbelievable isn’t it? It was still humid, though, so I still sweated buckets and drank a lot. I got both trails in one picture. I took this picture from the Dora Trial, looking up at the New River trail (the trestle bridge). This is just before you climb a long hill up to the New River Trail.

I ran on my own today because my running buddy is out of town. I missed her company and at times felt a little uneasy on the trail by myself, only because we rarely see anyone else on the trail. I saw one other runner and a biker this morning- and that’s actually a lot. One good thing about doing a long run on your own is you don’t have to worry about your pace being too slow or too fast, and you don’t have to worry about throwing someone’s rhythm off because you had to stop for a bathroom break.  

I was worried the low water bridge would be underwater at the Dora trail due to all of the rain we got this week. That has happened before on numerous occasions.

Flooded bridge back in April

The water was high today and I’m pretty sure the bridge was underwater earlier this week, but it was dry this morning.

I tried out a new gel, a double espresso flavored Body Glove Surge gel. I don’t really need a gel for a 7 mile run, but I prefer to test new types of fuel on shorter long runs just in case. I only took half of the gel since it was my first time trying it, and it sat well in my stomach. However I did not care for the flavor at all. I thought double espresso would taste similar to black coffee, which I like, but it actually tasted like chocolate, which I do not like. I think this gel would work for me, but it would have to be a different flavor.
Later today I am headed about 2 1/2 hours north to hang out with my best friend for the weekend. She is house sitting and they have a pool that we are going to take advantage of. We are also going to the rodeo tonight. This is the same rodeo Barry and I went to back in May.

If you recall, that was also the weekend I ran 10 miles on a0.25 mile loop and nearly lost my mind.

I will never do that again. Except that if I am ever faced with that same situation again, I would do it if it meant getting my long run in.

Do you see lots of people on the trails or places you run/bike/walk?

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone racing!?

Do you wear your watch on your right or left wrist? AND Are you right- or left-handed?
I wear my watch on my left and I am right-handed. It makes sense to me that you would wear it on the wrist of your non-dominant hand. However, Barry is right-handed and wears his watch on his right. It seems so wrong to me 🙂

13 thoughts on “A long run with some new fuel”

  1. Gak! I remember that 10 mile run on .25 loop. I get the shivers just thinking about doing something like that. Sometimes I see more people than others. Usually there are a lot of people on the trails. Those look like great trails, btw :)I hate wearing watches, but when I do (hello Garmin!) I wear it on the left and I am right handed.

  2. Swim meet this morning and chilling this afternoon. Adult party at the pool tonight from 9-???.Trails I use are pretty congested.Watch? Left when I wear one. Usually only for work. Just a little bling.Enjoy the rodeo.LUD.

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more people on the Dora or New River Trails, but I definitely wouldn’t want them to get as crowded as that time we were on the W&OD Trail on a Saturday morning AND with that festival going on.

  3. With a limited number of trails in a big city, the trails here are usually pretty fully – unless it rains. :)I’m a righty, and wear my watch on my left wrist. I’m pretty sure it’s normal to wear it on the wrist opposite whatever “handed” you are…

  4. I remember that post! Good – God, how did you finish that run?Watch on the left – I’m right handed.On the FUSD trails I see plenty of people walking dogs, biking, running, etc. When we go to Buffalo Park it’s always busy, too (but not too busy). There are a few other trails that I run on where I might not see anyone for awhile and that always makes me feel uncomfortable.

    1. I finished it with sheer determination and willpower :)I love a busy, but not too busy, trail. That is how the Huckleberry Trail is (the one I ran on all through college and love running on every now and then for my long runs).

  5. I always wear my watch on my left wrist and I am right handed. For some reason I can’t carry anything in my right hand when I run – no watch, dog leash, keys, phone…it just feels weird, ha. I was actually thinking about that on my run this morning with my keys in my hand. When I’m running streets or bike trails, I usually see lots of people (hello, DC), but when I run dirt trails, sometimes I never see anyone else. Sometimes it can be spooky, but most of the time I like it. I rarely run with other people. I run with my sister (when she’s not hurt) and usually she pushes my pace a little too fast, but I like her, so I suck it up. Generally I run alone, though, for the same reasons you mentioned (pace, breaks, rhythm, etc)

    1. That’s funny that you can’t have anything in your right hand. I use a handheld water bottle and prefer to keep it in my right hand, so that I can easily look at my watch on my left wrist.

  6. I am left handed and wear my watch on my right arm. My friend Beth (you see pictures of her running with me and your dad met her) had to do a 20-mile run or something ridiculous like that on the deck of a cruise ship once! The W&OD Trail is usually pretty crowded on the weekends, but my neighborhood trail isn’t as bad.

    1. I didn’t know you were left handed! Oh my gosh I don’t know how Beth did that. Major mental toughness. I have been on the W&OD a few times where it was crowded to the point of no longer being enjoyable, but it was usually my fault for waiting until late morning or mid afternoon.

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