Happy hump day

Halfway through the week!

This evening I went for a three mile run in the rain, which was quite refreshing. I took it easy because my hamstrings are sooo sore! I hadn’t done the level 2 workout from 30 day shred for a little while, and one of those moves must have gotten me. Lots of extra stretching happened after my run this evening.

When I got home from work today a big thunderstorm rolled in and it absolutely poured the rain. Once again we have a river running through our side yard and into our backyard. Happy joy. Every time it rains like this I call it duck weather.

And it definitely was that today. I’m surprised there weren’t any ducks swimming in our new acre-sized pond.

Luckily none of the water got down to the chicken coop and their run and coop areas actually remain un-flooded.

Hank and Scout had a big time running around and splashing through the water. I am not looking forward to the days to come when the water dries up and our yard becomes mud.

Barry threw the ball for Hank a bunch and I think the water added extra fun.

But enough about my yard and the puppy dogs. I need your input on something! My birthday is coming up in a couple of days and tonight Barry informed me that a treadmill is going to be my birthday gift. I. Am. So. Excited!! I have been treadmill shopping for close to a year and I have it narrowed down to two.

The ProForm Power 995

The NordicTrack C900

I am torn. I have read countless reviews on both and I just cannot decide.

Which treadmill should I choose??

If you have a treadmill, what kind is it? Do you like it?

Does your yard flood like ours when it rains heavily?

10 thoughts on “Happy hump day”

  1. oh my! Happy Birthday to you. Nice work, Barry 🙂 I have no idea, but I am sure either of them are better than the ones I use in my junky old (free with condo complex) gym. Embrace it and tell us all about it.Wow-your yard looks like it will be a mess! I hope it dries out fast, but glad the doggies are enjoying it.

    1. I hope it does, too! They are calling for more rain over the next few days, so we will see. I will be sure to announce my treadmill decision when it is finally made.

  2. Yikes! Your backyard looks like ours did in MI and we also had ducks that would swim in it. I have a treadmill… going outside to see what kind… SOLE F63. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. It gets the job done!What a GREAT birthday gift for you!! I’m excited for you :)I, too, ran in the rain today…

  3. I am sure you have researched those treadmills like you always do. The best on will be the one you pick.You know our yard always stayed pretty dry. It was too busy running in the basement. I think I have that fixed now.LUD.

    1. I have researched them both thoroughly and thought about it for a long time, like I do most things. Glad you got the basement flooding issue fixed!

  4. What a wonderful birthday gift, and happy early birthday!!! If all of their bells and whistles are the same, I would go with the one with the more powerful motor so it won’t have trouble keeping up with your speed. We have a creek behind our house that we enjoy watching when we have heavy rains. It’s amazing how quickly it rises. Fortunately, we look down at it and our house is located well above the 100-year flood plain.

    1. That would be nice to enjoy watching the creek rise while never worrying about it getting to your house. When I was a kid our yard never flooded, because we lived on a hill, but our basement often flooded due to water coming in where there was a window below ground in a well area.

  5. Granted, treadmills are my mortal enemy, so you shouldn’t listen to my advice…but I always hear really great things about the Nordic brand. My sister just got a used one (and then tore her ACL..so she has no opinion yet, ha). Such an existing gift though!!! Looking forward to the muddy dog photos when it dries a little 😉

    1. Well there were muddy dogs, but I failed to take any pictures. I was too busy trying to keep them on the towel at the back door while I cleaned their paws, before they could escape and destroy the house.

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