Mail call!

Some exciting things came in the mail yesterday! One was my very first StrideBox ….

 …and the other was my new Go Sport ID.

I’ll start with the July StrideBox. I love the packaging. It makes for a great presentation. The tissue paper makes it feel like you’re opening a little gift, which you pretty much are. Great timing since my birthday is next week!

Inside I found some nutrition bars, an energy gel, some kinesiology tape, and a StrideBox hydration bottle full of hydration options – perfect for the summer heat!

The box also came with two Stride Guides that tell you a bit about each of the products, what the retail price is, and where to find them on the internet.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside. I will link to each of the product’s websites listed on the Stride Guide to keep this from getting lengthy.

The products outside of the hydration bottle included a Bearded Brothers Fabulous Ginger Peach energy bar, an apple pie flavored PR Bar, a double espresso Body Glove Surge Gel, and some SpiderTech pre-cut kinesiology tape.

Inside the hydration bottle I found a sampler of six different hydration products. The top row has a tri-berry GU Brew electrolyte tablet, a berry flavored ZYM sport drink tablet, and a grape flavored Nuun electrolyte tablet. The bottom row consists of some HDX grape flavored hydration mix, some lemon lime Vega Sport hydrator mix, and a packet of tropical punch flavor Healthy To Go! acai energy mix.

I am excited to try out each of these products. The main reason I signed up for StrideBox is to try out some different hydration and fuel products. Each month, you receive a box with an assortment of running gear, accessories, and nutritional products. It costs $15/month and you can cancel at any time. And now on to my new Go Sport ID!

I first became aware of this product through Sweaty Emily and her post about gear. I had been on the hunt for some type of ID to wear while running and this was exactly what I was looking for!

I have the Inspire band which allowed me to put a motivational quote on one side and my ICE info on the other side. I liked that I could make my ID a “functional” accessory that I can wear on a daily basis.

I utilized my favorite inspirational quote from 2 Chronicles (also on the right sidebar of my blog). My favorite color is currently purple, but that has a tendency to change. So naturally I had to get the 8-pack of bands so that I could switch it out as my little heart desires.

That orange band will become very important this fall as I cheer on my Hokies at football games! How could I not be decked out from head to toe in maroon and orange, including my Go Sport ID? If only they specifically made it in burnt orange. Official Virginia Tech colors are Chicago maroon and burnt orange… but I’m sure you knew that ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclosure: I was not compensated by StrideBox or Go Sport ID for this post. I purchased these products with my own/Barry’s money (what’s yours is mine, honey) at full price and these companies probably do not even know I have a blog. I just thought I’d share about my new stuff!

Do you subscribe to StrideBox or any “surprise” boxes?

Do you have an ID like the Go Sport ID that you use while out exercising?

Have you ever tried any of the products in this month’s StrideBox? Do you use any of them regularly?

8 thoughts on “Mail call!”

  1. Wow! What fun packages. I am starting to think I may need an ID, though I hate wearing things on my wrist. You and your Hokie ladies are so cute. Every VT alum I know has such pride, it almost makes me wish I had gone to a big university. I went to a small Div III school and I loved it for the academics but sports were not really important and I LOVE football.

    1. I was very excited they both arrived on the same day ๐Ÿ™‚ An ID is definitely a good idea! You could always get a shoe tag one. Big schools seem to have a lot of pride, but I think VT has a special amount of pride. You can’t even tell when homecoming is because the alumni come to every game.Since sports were not really important at your school please feel free to root for the Hokies!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are so cute. I love the disclosure.That ID is cute enough to wear every day if you have a job where casual dress is the norm! Love the extra bands.We just bought the house so Stride Boxes aren’t in my budget… but I agree that the presentation and the goodies are amazing. Getting mail is one of my favorite things. If I were you I’d be on cloud nine! ๐Ÿ™‚ That verse is perfect for runners.

    1. Haha I wanted to make sure people knew I was just sharing about stuff I bought ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that verse. It’s such a good reminder in running and in life.

  3. Not only are our official colors Chicago maroon and burnt orange, but the pantone colors are PMS 208 and PMS 158! One of the MANY Hokie trivia facts that Bill can tell ya!It’s so cool that you are doing Stride Box. I’m looking forward to some good tips coming our way from you in the future! I’m a big Nuun fan!

    1. Good to know in case I ever really go off the deep end and get a vehicle with the colors matched exactly to our official colors! I think I would have a lot of fun talking to Bill at a tailgate. I love Hokie trivia and I don’t know enough of it!

  4. HA love your disclaimer. What fun products!! I just remembered reading about Sweaty Emily’s when she was talking about how people didn’t think it was a suitable wedding accessory, ha. When I’m looking for new products, I usually just go peruse the REI isles, but having single-servings of the hydration stuff would be SO nice instead of having to buy a whole tube of Nuun.

    1. I was definitely happy with having the sample tablets, so that I could just try one without having, say, 9 left over of something I didn’t like.

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