Duck Dynasty on a scooter

This evening I went for an easy 3 mile run. I ended up running an average 9:34/mile pace which is pretty quick for me on an easy day. My breathing was fine, except up the bigger hills. My legs felt a bit fatigued, but I didn’t feel like I was running too hard. Funny enough, I ended up doing a progression run. My mile splits were 9:39, 9:37, and 9:27. Now if only I could do that when I was trying to do a progression run.

I ran on the roads around our house. Do you know of that show Duck Dynasty? If you don’t you should check it out sometime. I think season 4 is supposed to premiere on A&E in August. You may not like it the first episode, but it’ll grow on you. I think they’re really funny. But now I’ve gotten off topic.

The reason I brought up Duck Dynasty is because today I saw Phil on a scooter. Okay, so it probably wasn’t him since he lives in Louisiana, but it looked like him! He honked at me as he drove by. Have you ever heard a scooter horn? It sounds like Roadrunner from Looney Tunes.

Another interesting tidbit from my run today: I did not get chased by any dogs! This is unprecedented for me when running on the roads around our house. I really enjoyed it.

Since I’m already sharing random things, I will share one more. My schedule got so messed up from having the day off work and running a race yesterday. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Saturday and that today was going to be Sunday. I had to keep reminding myself that it was going to be Friday and I needed to remember to go to work. Luckily (or unluckily?) I did remember and went to work today.

Have you ever watched Duck Dynasty?

Tell me something random from your day!

Did the holiday throw you off? Who went to work today?

10 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty on a scooter”

  1. I’ve never seen that show. It is GREAT to hear you weren’t chased by any dogs today.Do you think we put too much pressure on ourselves mentally when we KNOW we are going to be doing a progression run?

  2. Ha-the only time I ever saw DD was in the 2 days after my last marathon. We were staying with friends in TX and they loved the show and I swear we watched like 5 episodes at once because it was on and I was not about to move from the couch. It was kind of fitting to be watching it in TX and I have not watched an episode yet again.It definitely did not feel like a Friday today. We were lazy in the morning and although D had the day off, he still had work to do so he went in for a half day to take advantage of the quiet office. Then I made him go with me to pick up my race packet for my race today and we did a quick 3 mile ‘shake out’ run on the race course.

    1. Haha, so all I have to do is get my friends to run a marathon first and then I can subject them to a DD marathon on TV! 🙂 Have a great race today!

  3. I was really messed up by the holiday, too, and couldn’t keep track of what day of the week it was. I almost missed my 6 a.m. track workout on the 4th!Funny about the DD lookalike on the scooter! I saw that show once–it was pretty funny!

  4. I’ve not seen Duck Dynasty, but I do know about the show. I only had one client on Friday, so it was pretty much like I had the day off! :-)Hmmm, something random about my Friday… Bill and I walked up to our neighbor’s house for happy hour. It was just the four of us and we just sat around and talked. It was fun!

  5. Glad the dogs laid off for a change! I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty..perhaps I will have to check it out! I get confused all the time when there are mid-week holidays. Our work was super nice and gave us Friday off, too…which I think should be a new universal rule like the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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